Stephen Heller “Idea Book. Graphic design”


Stephen Heller “Idea Book. Graphic design”

Here is a book from professional designer and educator Stephen Heller, who has brought together not only the best of the best examples of typography, photography, composition and formwork by acclaimed 20th century design professionals, but also the work of contemporary designers.

Essentially, in the book “Idea Book. Graphic design” collected 50 works by authors from different countries, different cultures and even centuries, but united by a single goal: to demonstrate that graphic design is not just a picture on a screen, but something much more complex. A graphic design created by a professional is a powerful means of communication and conveying an idea to the viewer.

What and for whom is this book

First of all, “Idea Book. Graphic Design ”is a guide to a variety of ideas, approaches and techniques that designers have used and are using to improve the quality and effectiveness of their work.

Therefore, this book should be studied primarily by students and novice designers in order to get acquainted with the endless techniques of typographic composition, book layout and ways to find bold ideas for posters.

The author’s goal is for you to try out in practice a variety of tools and means that every graphic designer has, not in order to copy the work of great masters, but to understand the course of their thinking and the reason for using this or that technique.

On the pages of the book, you will study the work of such famous designers as Jan Tschichold, El Lissitzky, Paul Rend, Petr Bankov and many others.

How the book was made

The Russian edition of Idea Book turned out to be very compact and easy to study: a small brochure in A5 format, 120 pages, made of high-quality paper and excellent printing. The book will not take up much space and will allow you to explore the directions that interest you both on the road and at home.

Download the fragment “Idea Book. Graphic Design “free

Part of the book is available for free study at


If you are a student of a specialized university and want to fully develop in the direction of graphic design, “Idea Book. Graphic Design “is an excellent solution to the set goals.

If you are a designer and the thematic collections of sites for finding inspiration are not enough for you, well, you should keep looking for new sources, because, most likely, all examples from the book “Idea Book. Graphic Design ”you’ve already seen 🙂 But if you work on the principle“ more is not better ”and prefer to study every masterpiece of great masters thoroughly, in“ Idea Book. Graphic Design ”you will find many explanations on the techniques of composition, typography, photography and color.

Buy the book “Idea Book. Graphic design”

The book “Idea Book. Graphic Design “is available for order on the website of the publishing house at a price of 720 rubles (by the way, according to the promotional code infographics get a 25% discount on all books of the publisher) or in the online store

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