How to find a job in a cool company in the Russian Federation and make a career as a designer


How to find a job in a cool company in the Russian Federation and make a career as a designer

The most offensive thing is to hear the phrase “Thank you, we will call you back” during an interview with a cool company. And you know intellectually that perhaps there is someone objectively better than you, but you do not fully understand what to do with it now: not to hope to get into a cool company at all or to give up design, because, apparently, there is someone better.

My name is Pavel Lebedev, I teach design to employees of Tinkoff, Rusnano, Kaspersky Lab. Over 15 years of experience in design and marketing, he has gone from a freelancer to a creative director at the federal publishing house Forward and head of the design department at Kaspersky Lab.

I went through this myself when I started my career. And each “We will call you back” was very depressed not so much by the refusal as by the appearance of uncertainty. Because it was completely incomprehensible what was wrong in me, and what had to be done “so”.


Later, when I became the creative director, and then the head of the web design department and hired designers myself, many points became obvious to me. But remembering my experience, I tried to explain to novice designers what to do now, and why we won’t call them back.

I have compiled below 4 real reasons why a large company interview turned down, as well as tips on what to do about it.

1. Your experience is less than it seemed to us in the portfolio

Before the interview, the manager most often looks at your work in the portfolio and most likely he liked them, since you were invited for an interview. But in the course of the conversation it became clear that the experience is actually not enough, that the work on detailed examination is not so good, there are mistakes. It is better for you to immediately ask for feedback at the interview, what impression you made and what could be improved in your work.

2. The current job is not your main profile

For example, you go to the position of a web designer, but you have more than half of the work in your portfolio – illustrations or logos. It seems that after a while you will get tired of making websites, because you love illustrations. Check your portfolio again, leave at the beginning only those works that correspond to the position. Take with you to the interview exactly the work that will be required in the future.

3. You asked for too much salary

This does not mean that all is lost. It is best to immediately clarify at the interview, the salary that you indicated within the budget of the organization?

4. A less qualified employee is needed to work

This also happens, the manager understands that you are stronger and you will quickly get bored of monotonous work. And he will not be able to give you development in this position.

I think these tips will be useful to you. But even applying them now, the likelihood that you will immediately get a job in a top advertising agency or in an international company is very small. Therefore, I regularly hold competitions and selections of designers for the best companies in the Russian Federation and help to easily start my career.

Why is this happening: on the one hand, I personally know the leaders of the largest companies in the Russian Federation and understand their tasks, on the other hand, I prepare designers for these tasks, which is always better than an outsider.

In the near future, I will be giving away 3 internships for designers at Tinkoff with incredible conditions: a ticket to Moscow is paid for, accommodation is partially compensated and a small salary is paid for the period of work of 30,000 rubles.

If you want to get an internship at one of the coolest companies in the Russian Federation, as well as upgrade your portfolio and get a lot of useful information on building your career for free, register for the Turbo Designer marathon.

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And also call your friends, because it will be useful for them too.

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