What is the difference between logos for 1 million and 1000 rubles, and when does it make sense to pay more?

Pricing in design defies logic. And this can be seen especially clearly in the cost of logos: one cannot be sure that a work worth millions of rubles will be more successful than a free drawing on a napkin. And what about the customer then? Can you expect a good result by paying the n-th amount? And what is it, an adequate amount for the logo?

I asked all these questions to my colleagues from the Decision Pro design department.

“If you like the logo, then it’s cool. If you don’t like it, then not cool ”, – this is a short version of our creative director Oleg Tretyakov.

If you like the logo, then it’s cool. If you don’t like it, then it’s not cool

Oleg Tretyakov, creative director of Decision Pro

The long one sounds like this. Everyone has their own quality criteria, and they change depending on the surrounding factors and mood. From the universal, according to Oleg, one can single out the legend, idea, balance, aesthetics and emotionality.

Logos Oleg likes:



Art director Mikhail Tsibulin agrees with Oleg – if you like the logo and feel the inner “Wow!”, Then it’s cool.

Logos that Mikhail likes:

Untitled (1)

Untitled (2)

Creative designer Irina Puras adds another important clarification: “There is always a sign in a million dollar logo,” she says. – No font will ever be as emotional as a sign. Accordingly, in a cool logo there is a sign that catches, it is interesting to look at it, it has an idea – most often a metaphor formed at the junction of two definitions or brand values. An equally attractive typeface is attached to the badge. “

Logos Irina likes:

Untitled (3)

Untitled (4)

I draw a conclusion: design, like art, is subjective. “Like it or not like it” is influenced by one’s own taste and fashion, trends of the current period. For a successful logo, the stars need to converge.

How much does a logo cost and how is its value formed?

Since logos are a matter of taste and luck, does it make sense to pay dearly? How much does a logo really cost?

“There is a sense to pay more if, for example, you know the work of this designer, trust his taste, you like everything he does – it still gives hope that you will like the work,” explains Irina. “Or there is a large information field around the designer, and your brand can be promoted thanks to this.”

Mikhail says that the cost of a logo is formed from the time spent on its creation, the qualifications of the team, the depth of research of the communication environment and competitors, the elaboration of the integration of the logo into communication.

Oleg explains what should be expected from the contractor, depending on the price that he calls the customer:

  • “1.5-3 thousand rubles – what they do, then take it. You may have to pay for a new set again. Low motivation. Conveyor.
  • 15-25 thousand rubles – variants of the logo and stages of revision are already appearing. If we get lucky.
  • 80-150 thousand rubles – there will be a good presentation with descriptions of ideas. Ideas worked out. A team of three to five specialists. The result is quite satisfactory. Reliable. Compromise.
  • From 500 thousand rubles to 1.5 million – a moderately well-known agency. Quality development with analysis and justification. In this case, the client will already need to get involved in the process, since “I just don’t like it” is not a serious argument. Professionally. Predictable. Can not argue.
  • 7 million and more Is a very famous agency. Powerful elaboration, strategy development, tests with the organization of focus groups, etc. This is the client’s involvement in an interesting development process. Presentations and briefings, perhaps even with a trip to Tenerife. This is the involvement and the opportunity to steer well-known class experts. For some, this is more important than the logo itself. “

As an example of expensive work, Oleg cites the rebranding of the Pepsi logo for $ 1 million in 2009: “The Pepsi logo, with its iconic color combination and bright lines, has existed since 1940 and is considered one of the most recognizable logos in the world. In 2009, the logo underwent a minimalist rebranding, and its main elements were given the shape of a smile – an attempt to create an image of a friendly and accessible brand that appeals to consumers around the world. It is worth noting that the million dollars was paid only for the design work, which lasted five months. May I say it’s expensive? Who ordered it and who implemented it – well done. We want that too! “

Experience shows that exorbitant prices cease to affect the quality of logo design in the region of 500-800 thousand rubles.

Mikhail Tsibulin, Art Director of Decision Pro

So, the cost of work is largely formed based on the cost of servicing the client. A local studio or a large network giant spends the same amount of time directly on the design work itself. Then heavy artillery enters the battle – managers and creative directors who must present, justify and sell the work. You decide whether you are willing to pay for additional bells and whistles or not.

And further. The consumer does not perceive logos separately, he perceives brands. Large companies, due to the fact that they are successful and know themselves, mostly have successful logos. I don’t remember the nuances of Coca-Cola, Nike, Mercedes, but they are always before my eyes. A successful logo for a brand is when the brand and its style appear simultaneously and inseparably in the mind of the consumer. Therefore, the logo is an important part of marketing communication, but far from the only one and not the main one.

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