Visual language from IBM


Visual language from IBM

Today, IBM has presented to the world a new project called “IBM Design Language”, which promises to become one of the largest among large companies at the level of BBC GEL and Material Design.

So far, the site provides only general information about the company’s initiatives, but in a recent speech, Phil Gilbert (head of the design department) spoke in sufficient detail about these guidelines.

The IBM Design Language will describe general principles, visual and interface guidelines, techniques and tools for working. In particular, they offered their own variation of design thinking, more pragmatic and applicable in real life. Judging by the sketches of real products shown, this fits very well for a corporation.


Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 11.12.28

Some of the resources that will be included in the set of the IBM design language are already available to everyone.

The IBM company is more than a hundred years old and during this time it was able to reinvent itself several times and get out of severe crises. They approached the design as systemically as they did everything else – the strategy of its implementation in the life of the company is impressive, as is the scale (the staff of designers should reach up to 1000 people). You can follow the announcements in Twitter teams.

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