TOP-5 resources for professional development of a designer


TOP-5 resources for professional development of a designer

How to become a good designer with a sense of trends, you will not be taught at the university – this is a fact. But how to constantly grow and stay away from the creative crisis is not difficult to tell: GreenRed brand studio has prepared 5 of the best resources that will help the professional growth of a designer.

So how to catch a muse and not let her go?

For this, there are interesting sources in which you will find a lot of useful information and motivators for further development. The only barrier that can prevent you is language. Nine out of ten of these resources are in English. Good morning! English is not just in vogue, English is the foundation of success in the modern world. A good command of the language will help you feel confident on freelance exchanges, the largest design forums. And if you are invited to an exhibition in London, Hanover or New York … Well, you get the idea.

If everything is in order with your language, we advise you to familiarize yourself with interesting resources, our TOP-5. Here you can learn new ideas, and at the same time find out what is currently in fashion in the markets of Europe, Asia, America.

Smashing Magazine |


The most interesting projects are here and now! Do not think that only design news is published here. Programmers and web developers will find a lot of interesting things for themselves. Tired of boring coding? Check out what your colleagues in the West are up to.

The publication is almost ten years old, and during this time it entered the top in terms of the level of influence on the world design community. Beginners will find a lot of new things, experienced specialists will refresh ideas. And also, this is a great way to improve your language skills, including in highly specialized areas. So it will be much easier for you to work with foreign customers.

Behance |


Many successful authors started their careers with a portfolio on this site. And also, this is one of those resources where very different, but always very talented people gather. If sites like Deviantart are littered with amateur rubbish, childish smear, and even explicit porn, then moderation works great here – you get the very cream. This is a big plus of the project.

The problem of many designers is the “static” ideas, regional standards. As soon as they visit such a place, their thinking and approach to creativity change.

Sharing information on Behance is part of the ongoing update process. The good thing about the Internet is that here evolution is visible to the naked eye. While the picture outside your window may not change for years.

Dribbble |


When coming to Dribbble for the first time, many designers may exclaim “is that okay?” Because there’s a culture shock in store for you. Yes, yes, what was considered stupid, what seemed impossible, has already been done, has already received a thousand likes and has already been sold. That is life.

There will be no bad news, we better get acquainted with the new winds of design. Perhaps this is where you will see an interesting font, or a new logo that will inspire interesting work.

The resource is divided into categories like Stories, Jobs, Shots – very convenient and concise. Clear.

Designmodo |


The best of the best are gathered here. Basically, it’s a cauldron where great graphic and web design ideas are brewed. Yes, 50% of what you see around is either implemented by similar people, or by those who saw and used someone else’s design.

The portal is useful in that within the framework of the project you can communicate with colleagues from all over the world. Perhaps you will find like-minded people with whom you can realize your plans. Take a look at the table and find the “unrealized” folder. Scroll. Choose the wildest and wildest dreams. Here they are worth implementing. Don’t thank.

User Experience Stack Exchange |


It is also ux.stackexchange. This is where the expanse of questions and answers that haunted for so long awaits you for sure. Some ask questions, others answer them. You can even do without registration. There is a voting system for answers, thanks to which they rise higher in the rating.

It contains incredible volumes of useful information. Everything you need to make your site more user-friendly is on the stackexchange.

Such resources help to improve your knowledge of the language, your professional skills, and at the same time seriously expand your personal perception, open up new opportunities, including for professional growth, receiving orders from foreign clients. You will be able to track both this year’s trends and shorter-term currents. Focusing on them, the designer, like a professional surfer, always remains on the crest of the wave of success.

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