Susie Hodge “The Essentials of Art History”


Susie Hodge “The Essentials of Art History”

The study of world artistic culture is one of the ways to understand the structure of the world and man. The Essentials in Art History book will help you understand the topic by explaining the most important concepts in art and their interrelationships in an accessible and concise manner.

Who is this book for?

The book is suitable for everyone who has long wanted to “pump” in the history of art, but have been putting it off all the time.

Those who are well versed in the topic will also like the book: it will allow you to quickly refresh some facts in your memory, and besides, this is a good collection of reproductions of masterpieces of world art culture.

What is this book about?

The author of the book, Susie Hodge, invites the reader to get acquainted with the most important trends in art, the main representatives and conceptual works. The book is very logically divided into 4 parts: styles and directions, works, themes and techniques.

The main advantage of the book is that an almost immense mass of information is presented in one small volume. If you wish, you can devote four evenings to studying the question – one for each section. Susie Hodge considers all styles and trends, from primitive art to conceptualism. Accordingly, in the next section, she examines 50 major works in the world of art.


The book is easy to navigate, each page has directional arrows, dates and other explanations to help you tie all the information together. So, for example, reading about the painting by Gustav Klimt “The Kiss”, you will learn about the artist and the painting, and you will also see links to pages where the technique of execution (oil painting on canvas and gilding) and themes (love, nature and people) are described in more detail. By referring to the link to the topic “love”, you will immediately find the names of the artists for whom this topic has become a key one, and read about the development of the topic in world culture.

In the process of his research, the author tells not only dry facts – artist, time of writing, technique and style – but also analyzes the work. The reader will be able to understand why this or that world famous work became key for its period. Art is a reflection of the era, an expression of the artist’s emotions, his dreams and fears. After reading this book, you will be able to better understand not only art, but also history and human nature in general.


How was the book made?

The main thing for an art book is, of course, print quality. More than 50 works of world culture are placed on coated paper, and the excellent image quality will allow you to fully appreciate the talents of brilliant artists. The book has a small format and a hard cover – beautiful reproductions under reliable protection, the pages will not get dirty or wrinkled, even if you decide to immerse yourself in art on your way to work or school.



The Essentials in Art History is an excellent guide to world art culture. The main advantage of the book is the conciseness and accessibility of the presentation of the material, you can understand the topic, even if you were very far from it.

Buy Susie Hodge’s book “The Essentials of Art History”

The book “The Main in the History of Art” is available for purchase in the online stores and Labyrinth at a price of 800 and 1100 rubles, respectively.

Author: Evgeniya Suvorova

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