Mail.Ru Design Conference June 2, 2018


Mail.Ru Design Conference June 2, 2018

On June 2, the Moscow office of Mail.Ru Group hosted a conference dedicated to graphic design, UI design and an overview of useful tools for designers.

There were 10 speakers at the conference who spoke about their areas: there were guys from Rambler, Alfa Bank, BEM Design, Mail.Ru Group, Setka project and others.

It makes no sense to talk about all the performances, I will focus only on the most, it seems to me, interesting.

Design systems

Design systems are separate topics that deserve a lot of attention. Especially watch these talks if you don’t know what a design system is and why it will be useful in your design team or your company.

Storytelling design for non-designers

Setka co-founder Roman Khudonogov spoke at the Dribbble Meetup design conference, where he talked about visual storytelling – or how to use design to create materials that a modern iPhone user wants to read.

How design is created in England

Ekaterina Solomeina, founder of the educational project Future London Academy, told how the design process works in English studios, how designers get there for internships and work.

All lectures of Mail.Ru Design Conference

All the speeches of the speakers from the conference can be viewed in the recording:

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