Sara Simblet “Botany for the Artist”


Sara Simblet “Botany for the Artist”

The Complete Plant Drawing Tutorial will help you immerse yourself in the world of botanical illustration. The most delightful specimens from the botanical collections are the basis for hundreds of drawings and photographs in this book. It includes about 550 plant species from all over the world. The book is a real treasure for artists in love with nature.

Who is this book for?

This book will appeal to those in love with the beauty of nature and botanical illustration. It can inspire newcomers to great things, and at the same time will be useful for professional artists.

What is this book about?

“Botany for an Artist” is a serious popular science publication filled with wonderful illustrations. The author of the book, Sarah Simblet, an artist truly in love with his nature, tries to reveal to the readers all the secrets of the plant world.

The first chapter is called “Botanical Drawing”, where the author talks about its history and purpose. From time immemorial, botanical drawing served scientific purposes: it was placed in medical reference books and herbalists. Amazing discoveries, major achievements and exciting adventures lurked on the pages of the book. Learn about the journey of botanists and artists as part of the British Expedition aboard the ship Endeavor. This trip around the world under the command of James Cook gave the world the best botanical illustrations, but their creation cost the authors their lives.

Sarah also talks about the intricacies of working with plants, materials, color mixing and sketchbook techniques. The book has a heading “Drawing Lesson”, where the artist shows step by step how to draw a particular plant. I would like to note that these lessons are aimed at continuing artists who are striving to reach a new level or are in search of an unusual nature.

The following chapters are devoted to plants, with a separate discussion of leaves, stems, flowers, roots and fruits. In these stories, a clearly scientific approach can be traced, all types are also mentioned in Latin. The reader will get acquainted with the types of leaves, methods of plant propagation, learn about the purpose of bracts and much more. Each chapter has a section called “Master Class”, which presents the works of famous botanist artists from different eras. Sarah analyzes the illustrations, noting the skill of the artist and the peculiarities of a particular technique.

The book is mesmerizing: here there was a place for both amazing exotics and well-known plants of our strip. The author’s detailed scientific illustrations will help to understand the structure of even the most amazing plants and inspire creative achievements.


How was the book made?

“Botany for an Artist” is one and a half kilograms of pleasure. Under a large-format hardcover – 256 glossy pages, which contain gorgeous photographs and the best illustrations of the most famous artists in the world. Photos are so clear and detailed that they will be great references for your drawings, and decent print quality will allow you to see the smallest details of plants and enjoy masterpieces of botanical illustration. Also, at the end of the book, you will find a small glossary and a subject index.


The luxurious deluxe edition will appeal to professionals and will be a wonderful decoration for your home library. Vivid and detailed illustrations make the book interesting not only for artists, but also for curious children of middle and senior school age.

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The book by Sarah Simblet “Botany for the Artist” is available for purchase in the online store at a price of 1600 rubles.

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