John Lawes “Diary of a Naturalist Artist”


John Lawes “Diary of a Naturalist Artist”

How to keep the rapidly slipping away summer?No way. But you can try to keep rich colors and a little warmth on the pages of a naturalist’s diary. And where to start and how to enjoy the process and the result, John Loes will tell in great detail in his new book.

Hurry up to catch the tail of the summer!


If you are worried about the feeling of the passing time, then keeping an art diary will help you think more about the present, enjoy the moment and at the same time keep in memory the joys of the past. Look around you, try to remember these wonderful summer days, start keeping a diary of a naturalist artist who will become an exciting hobby now and will delight you with its pages on a gloomy winter day.

“Use the book as a guide on how to go through life with joy and curiosity.”

Who is this book for?

For those who love nature and life. The book will be useful to both novice artists and professionals, everyone can find something they need in this encyclopedia.

about the author

John Lowes is a true professional, he graduated from the Department of Environmental, Biological and Scientific Illustration at leading universities in the United States. Today, Lawes is a member of the California Academy of Sciences’ Science and Education Council and a member of the TogetherGreen Board of the National Audubon Society. This is not a funny self-taught artist, but a person with a systematic approach, which does not at all catch up with melancholy, but helps not to drown in a large amount of information and explains the incomprehensible in an accessible way.

What is this book about?

The cover reads: “Diary of a Naturalist Artist. How to draw animals, birds, plants and landscapes. ” This is only partly true. In fact, under the cover is a huge amount of material devoted to keeping a diary, research methods, the development of imaginative thinking and curiosity, methods of visualization and, of course, drawing of nature. It’s nice that the author generously shares his knowledge and accumulated experience; The Diary of a Naturalist Artist is both an encyclopedia, a textbook, and a source of inspiration.

Naturalist diary

This book is about love for nature in all its diversity. And also about how to properly observe her. You will master the methods of detailed research and learn to:

  • Make up bird song diagrams
  • Take measurements
  • Competently collect and organize data
  • Use your palm to determine the angle of inclination
  • Determine wind speed


In this way, you can make your little discoveries or just learn to notice the beauty in everyday life. The notes of your observations are just as important as the drawings. In addition, notes can be supplemented not only with sketches, but also with collages made from natural materials, use friction copying, stroke and try natural pigments on the pages.

Artist’s diary

Only towards the middle of the book does the author get to the topic of drawing, which is also presented in great detail. I liked very much that the author is not an adherent of any one material, on the pages of the book there is a place for watercolors and gouache, colored (and watercolors!) Pencils and markers, graphite and a ballpoint pen. For each of them, by the way, he gives a small lesson, describes the technique and procedure for work.

John Lowes will talk about drawing plants and mushrooms, animals and birds, insects and reptiles, as well as various landscapes. In the book you will find several useful master classes and understand the intricacies of sketching in the field. John Lowes is an artist and scientist, so he calls for reasonable simplicity in drawing. This is especially true for the preparation of a set for the open air: “… I realized: the larger my set, the less often I take it with me.”

In presenting the material, the author strives from the general to the particular, tries to be as clear as possible and advocates meaningful drawing.

How was the book made?

Large-format paperback edition with flaps, under which 300 pages of very valuable information are hidden. The author’s illustrations and text are very harmoniously arranged on white dense pages. The book, of course, is exclusively desktop, but its content is serious, requiring thoughtful reading – there will be no desire to read it while standing on one leg in the subway.


“Diary of a Naturalist Artist” will teach you to make competent observations and accompany them with cool and reliable drawings, will help you to hold the moment and love life. The book will be a wonderful present for yourself on the occasion of the outgoing summer or for a friend who loves nature and creativity. It will interest both physicists and lyricists, because in it science and creativity have united in the name of love for nature.

Free download “Diary of a naturalist artist”

A fragment of the book “The Diary of a Naturalist Artist” is available for free review at the link.

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The book by John Lowes “The Diary of a Naturalist Artist” is available for purchase in the online store at a price of 1270 rubles for the paper version and 450 for the electronic version.

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