Designer of the Future 2.0: 5 Lectures for Designers

On December 9, practicing designers spoke at a meetup held in the CONTENTED lecture hall. Their lectures are designed to help a designer learn to understand business problems and focus primarily on solving them, and not on design for the sake of design.

5 speakers talked about where the design industry is heading and what skills are and will be most in demand among designers.

Designer and evolution

Speaker: Andrey Malevanik (CONTENTED Art Director)

Content design

Speaker: Nikita Obukhov (Creator of Tilda Publishing)

Design increases sales

Speaker: Alexander Blokhin (Internet marketer)

Exo-skeleton for the designer

Speaker: Alexander Kovalsky (Creative People)

Designer and business

Speaker: Mikhail Kitaev (Creator of KONTORA.NAME)

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