5 lectures on the Russian avant-garde

Everything you need to know about the Russian avant-garde.

Five lectures by Andrey Sarabyanov on how the new Russian art of the 20th century began and the people who made it.

Forward detachment

Who were the first avant-garde artists, what were they inspired by and how they shocked the public.

Two avant-garde capitals

“Union of Youth” versus “Jack of Diamonds”: How did the societies of the new art in Moscow and St. Petersburg differ?

Alogism and nonsense

How to combine the incompatible and what this can lead to painting, music and poetry.

The birth and death of Suprematism

How the Black Square appeared and how Malevich’s Suprematist searches ended.

Abstract and non-objective

How Russian avant-gardists switched to abstractions and tried to captivate the whole country with their utopias.


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