47 Adobe Muse Tutorials for Beginners


47 Adobe Muse Tutorials for Beginners

A useful collection for those starting to master web design.

This series of video tutorials will help you easily master Adobe Muse, a popular website editor for graphic designers. Muse independently translates the graphic layout of the site into code, saving time on writing it.

Adobe Muse overview

Creating and editing graphic blocks

Creating text blocks

How to create a button

Feedback form for the site

Pop-up feedback form

Menu with subsections for the site

How to add a favicon to your site

How to make a background for a website

Anchor links

How to add new fonts

Creation of a mobile version of the site

Web page settings

Free widgets for Adobe Muse

Admin panel (CMS) for Adobe Muse

Rubber sites in Adobe Muse CC

Horizontal scrolling (scrolling) of the page

How to add a widget (installing muse widgets)

How to remove the scroll bar (2 ways)

Dynamic background for the site

How to pin a menu to a website

Scroll effects (parallax)

Creating a feedback form (cForm 2.0)

Working with links and tooltips

How to change the welcome window

How to embed a YouTube video on a website

Rubber layout

The effect of hovering over a picture with the mouse cursor

Rubber layout or parallax effect?

How to make a tooltip

Social widgets. How do I change the language?

WOW SLIDER – slider for website with animation

Cloudzoom – image zoom effect

Initial site setup in CC version 2015.1

How to insert a spreadsheet from Excel into Muse

The site is in two languages. Switching site language

Website translation from HTML to PHP

Responsive images to the width of the browser

Adobe Muse recording a webinar

Cut out the email field in Adobe Muse


Parallax Scrolling in Adobe Muse

CMS in Adobe Muse


Text shadow and 3D buttons in Muse with CSS


Buttons and Quick PSD Export to Adobe Muse

3D Flat Button


Font icons in Adobe Muse


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