34 web design tools for every day


34 web design tools for every day

Is Web Design a Difficult “Science”? Yes and no. We present to your attention a selection of more than 30 tools and online editors for working with images and graphics in a variety of formats. Use one of them or several at once to make your photos and websites better and more beautiful.

1. Subtle Patterns

Subtle Patterns is an excellent online collection of patterns for “endless” background on your website. And all this beauty is free.

2. Stripe Mania

Stripe Mania is a free web application that allows you to create striped background images. You can use up to 5 color combinations, with different widths and distances between stripes in the created background.

3. Stripe Generator

Stripe Generator is an online service for quickly creating images to use as background images on your website.

4. Color Lovers

Color Lovers – A huge collection of colors, palettes and patterns for creating background images. You can also add your own backgrounds to the collection available to users around the world.

5. Pictaculous

Pictaculous is a free online service that allows you to generate a color palette based on an uploaded PNG, JPG, or GIF file.

6. I Want Hue

I Want Hue is an online service for finding and matching a combination of groups and colors. Perfect for those who are engaged in coloring, creating color schemes and “reproducing” templates for websites.

7. Placeit

Placeit is a service for preparing photo images for a portfolio. With it, your site can be “inserted” on the screen of a laptop, iPad or iPhone. Great for preparing presentation materials.

8. Place Hold

Place Hold is a service for quick online demonstration of ready-made templates and websites. You can set the color, size, scale of uploaded layouts and pictures.

9. Cut & Slice Me

Cut & Slice Me is a free Photoshop plugin to export finished images to various devices within seconds.

10. CSS3ps

CSS3ps is a free cloud-based plugin for Photoshop to convert ready-made layers to CSS3.

11. Creately

Creately is a fast tool for creating graphs and charts that can be used in presentations.

12. Easel.ly

Easel.ly is a simple editor to quickly create infographics in your browser without using third-party image processing tools.

13. Sneakpeekit

Sneakpeekit is a suite of framing and prototyping tools for your website.

14. Loader Generator

Loader Generator is a free web service for creating animated site loaders.

15. Mothereffing Animated Gif

Mothereffing Animated Gif is a simple application for loading several images at once and receiving custom animation based on them with a number of specified parameters: size, frequency of impressions, quality of the final animation, etc.

16. Duri.me

Duri.me – generating a code for images, so that this code can be used in the future to be inserted into your site.

17. Rsizr

Rsizr is an online editor for resizing images and quickly scaling graphics.

18. Fotor

Fotor is a powerful and intuitive online editor for almost any graphics with a large set of built-in tools and filters. There are separate apps for Android and iPhone.


JPEGmini is a free online service, with the help of it you can “compress” the finished photograph while maintaining the original quality (five times compression is supported) and get the finished “lighter” file in JPEG format.

20. Cropp.me

Cropp.me is a very simple and fast tool for scaling and cropping finished graphics to the size or aspect you need.

21. Photocat

Photocat is an online image editor that comes with a rich graphics toolkit. Finished images are saved as JPG or PNG.

22. Round pic

Round pic is a web service for quickly creating “round corners” for any images. Actions with predefined parameters can be monitored in the preview window.

23. Kraken

Kraken is an online application for optimizing images and adjusting their “weight” to make graphics “lighter”.

24. Editor Method

Editor Method is a web application for working with vector graphics right in your browser. All you have to do is open your browser and you’ll have a rich set of tools for creating SVG images at your fingertips. You shouldn’t expect the power of Adobe Illustrator from it; but many tasks can be solved with its help.

25. Patternify

Patternify is a browser-based application for creating background image patterns without using any editors. A unique link is also created for each created template, with the help of which the ready-made template can be shown to friends or colleagues.

26. The Noun Project

The Noun Project is an online collection of great, recognizable graphics that is constantly growing.

27. Copy Paste Character

Copy Paste Character is an online collection of Unicode characters from which you can select and copy any character you like into your content.

28. X-Icon Editor

X-Icon Editor is an HTML5 based application for creating high resolution icons that can be applied on the site or for new tabs in web projects.

29. Make App Icon

Make App Icon – to optimize icons for any iOS and Android applications. Just upload a picture, and the service will automatically resize it to the required proportions. Results are saved in PNG, JPG and PSD.

30. IcoMoon

IcoMoon is an online service for preparing and creating monochrome icons and embedding them in fonts. The selected image can be embedded and styled on the site based on the rules written in CSS, or text and form parameters. There is also a simple visual editor for icons.

31. Mobile Tuxedo

Mobile Tuxedo – Allows you to create icons that are optimized for touchscreen use. The finished graphics are saved in EPS, PSD and PNG formats in various resolutions.

32. Icon Monstr

Icon Monstr – A collection of over 600 web application icons, charts and graphs. All icons are available in PNG and SVG formats.

33. Endless Icons

Endless Icons is a site with a constantly updated collection of monochrome icons. All icons are made in the style of hand-drawn sketches.

34. UI8 Freebies

UI8 Freebies – a section with free design files: icons, presentations, textures, fonts, interface elements. Most often, authors publish in this section free (limited) versions of paid products, which are available in the main section for purchase.

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