11 lectures from Lebedev studio for designers


11 lectures from Lebedev studio for designers

Lebedev’s studio is known not only in the field of design, but also in education. Almost every month, well-known practitioners in their fields come to the studio to give various lectures for the studio staff: on reading, calligraphy, typography, photography, travel and many other topics.

Today we have collected for you 11 of the most interesting lectures that will help you broaden your horizons and gain useful experience.

Alexander Malenkov on 33 secrets of a magazine cover

Victor Melamed on modern trends in illustration

Artem Gorbunov about useful action

Andrey Dyakov on the rules of communication with clients

Andrey Karmatsky on card design

Sergey Korol about books and reading

Artists of the workshop “33 + 1” about art in an urban environment

Yuri Koverdyaev and Andrei Sannikov on calligraphy

Sergey Logvin on Paul Rand’s book “Design: Form and Chaos”

Maxim Nesterenko on marketing and design in modern culture

Yuri Gordon and his letters

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