10 best lectures from the 404fest conference (2014) for designers

404fest festival and conference – one of the largest parties for designers and developers held in Russia.

404fest was held from 2008 to 2014, in 2015 the conference was canceled because the organizers decided to take a break to rethink the theme of the all-Russian meeting.

While all those interested are waiting for the conference in 2016, we invite you to watch the 10 best lectures and speeches from the conference held in 2014 in Samara.

Denis Kortunov invites you to the 404 Festival

Overview video of the 404 festival

Mikhail Frolov / Black patterns and selling emotions

Anton Shein / Prototype It

Sergey Kotyrev / My new mistakes and what I learned about management over the past year

Alexey Ivanovsky / 12 stories about design

Dmitry Agarunov / Anti-crisis. 10 steps to reboot

Dmitry Karpov / We take out the brain. Interactive objects in the city – aiming at benefit and emotions

Denis Tsarev / How not to break your forehead about HTML5

Painted Lampas / Calligraphy as an image

Sergey Kotyrev / My new mistakes

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