9 lectures by Denis Bashev for designers


9 lectures by Denis Bashev for designers

Denis Bashev is a graphic designer with 16 years of experience, worked for Shandesign, Front: Design and PHPG, founder of the Province design studio.

Calm, always with an informative presentation of lecture material and a great sense of humor.

This selection of the most interesting lectures by Denis, where he talks about his own projects, shares new design technologies and talks about the right choice of alcohol depending on the task at hand.

He also gives a master class, where he explains what design is and how it should be perceived.

Graphic design. Forum “COPPER”

New technologies in design

Is there life on Mars?

DEFA.Kitchen: Sun Bunnies

Voronezh Design Weekend

Speech at the Prosmotr Design Forum

Psychoanalysis session

Links to videos used in the lecture:

Lecture in Tomsk in April 2014

Wordshop. Workshop on logo design

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