10 videos from Mail Design Conference


10 videos from Mail Design Conference

The conference participants – designers, developers and product managers, use their examples to tell how effective modern digital products, design tools and illustrations are created.

Dima and Leta Stolz – Vivid illustration

We closed the main program with a story about our illustration style, interesting projects and other hobbies. They worked with VKontakte and Pornhub, where they turned out carbon monoxide plots and characters – an excellent field for creative imagination.

BEM Design: Julia Muzafarova – Declarative Design System

She presented the Whitepaper Tools framework for creating declarative non-component design systems. Yandex Money, an initiative group of front-end developers and designers, launched the BEM Design framework at the beginning of the year, and this summer it was renamed and is planned to be widely promoted. Julia spoke about the tasks of the tool and examples of prototypes that can be done with it.

Mail.Ru: Conference preparation design team – How the conference style was created

The Mail.Ru design team spoke about the work on the visual style and organization of the conference. Evgeny Dolgov, Daria Gantseva, Daria Prokhorova, Viktor Salomakhin, Pavel Karpov, Katerina Nikulina and Nadezhda Titova showed the sources of inspiration, and I described where the company’s design activities are moving in general.

Future London Academy: Ekaterina Solomeina – How British design studios work

The founder of the course talked about how British design studios work. The result is a bunch of insights into processes, methods and other working approaches based on hundreds of visits to London design companies and teams. This year I will go to the UX and Product Design course for the fourth time – it turned out to be so useful and effective.

Phase: Nick Budden – Interface Design Tool

The founder of the new design tool Phase spoke about his main idea and the problems that he will solve for designers. In the coming weeks, a public launch will take place and after the speech Nick managed to visit half a dozen domestic design teams, showing a small demo (unfortunately, its more recent version stopped working the day before due to the Sketch update).

Alfa-Bank: V. Zimin, E. Sergeev, A. Tolstov

We talked about our design system, which was recently opened outside. It has both the components in the code and the description of the design principles, as well as templates in Sketch – one of the best examples in our market, and even successfully accompanied by their new style of illustration. This is another team story from the side of product design, development and illustration – we will refer to it when preparing next year’s program.

Grid: Roman Khudonogov – Publishing Tool

Co-founder of the Grid publishing tool, which grew out of the in-house editorial CMS Look at Media (this report is also coded with his help). He talked about visual storytelling, which helps to create rich and vibrant long reads, and also shared the best practices for working with materials.

Rambler & Co: A. Ermolenko, E. Liseeva, E. Novazheev, O. Pigolitsyna – Is there life after the redesign?

We talked about the brand renewal that has taken place in recent years. General redesign strategy, work with individual components of the visual language and their implementation in the design system, as well as work on specific products. The result is the optimal team format of the performance – we want to make it the main one.

RealtimeBoard: Vlad Zelinsky – Visual collaboration

Vlad Zelinsky from RealtimeBoard spoke about how a visual team interaction tool is created. How the design team is organized, how they see the future of the tool, how to use it in practice. The product has grown tremendously in recent years and is in demand all over the world.

Norde: Kirill Kulikov and Mila Dine – Bright illustration and promo

They have skyrocketed in popularity on Dribbble over the past year and a half and have formed their own recognizable style of illustration. Mila and Kirill talked about where the trends in illustrations come from and what the historical roots of modern approaches are, how the visual style differs among designers from different countries. They also revealed the Dribbble mechanics that helped them hit the top.

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