Yandex Design School


Yandex Design School

In mid-June, the Yandex Design School opens in Moscow – a three-month free course on product design in large companies. Classes are taught by Yandex employees.

Yandex decided to open a summer school for designers not spontaneously, but for quite logical reasons:

The idea to open a design school arose when we realized that the market is full of designers with good taste and a hand in hand who sorely lack an understanding of the processes in a large company, of working on mass products. When such guys come to work for us, they are confused a lot: there is a conflict between personality and brand, the number of connections and agreements with people increases dramatically, and all creative energy is absorbed by a wall of contradictions.


Yandex School Information

Dates: June 15 – August 31, 2015
Cost: Is free
Location: Moscow
Number of places: thirty

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