Whitney Sherman Sketches. 50 creative assignments for designers “


Whitney Sherman Sketches. 50 creative assignments for designers “

A new book Whitney Sherman, a professional illustrator and photographer from the USA, named “Sketches. 50 creative assignments for designers “, published by Peter Publishing House, is an excellent source of knowledge for anyone who has ever wanted to start his career as an illustrator, but did not receive the necessary education in time, and textbooks with the harsh titles “Fundamentals of Academic Drawing” are scary.

On the pages of his book, Whitney Sherman lists 50 tasks, following which you can draw your first illustration in one of the 50 presented styles.

Of course, the author does not claim that your first illustration will have photographic accuracy, the lines will be perfectly even, and the colors will be correctly selected. However, after reading “Sketches. 50 Creative Assignments for Designers ”and completing all (or at least most of the assignments), you will get a unique opportunity to express your thoughts on paper in a more complex form than sticks and circles.

What is this book about

“Sketches. 50 Creative Assignments for Designers ”is a combination of lessons for novice illustrators, combined with examples of ready-made illustrations in the style discussed in the chapter.

Each section of this book aims to heighten the reader’s interest in drawing. Therefore, the further you move through the pages of the book, the more difficult and interesting the tasks and examples of illustrations will become – all in order to reveal to you all the possibilities of illustration and push you to the first “try of the pen”.

Book structure

The book begins with a list of illustrators from around the world who participated in the creation – they provided illustrations in various styles so that Sherman could use them to talk about the techniques used.


Despite the fact that each of the 50 chapters is arranged in order of complication of the tasks proposed for execution, the illustrations do not at all correspond to this principle – from the first to the last chapter, the illustrations were made exclusively by professional artists with many years of experience behind them. Therefore, do not think that drawing “that stuff out of sticks” is as easy as adding 2 and 2 🙂 Remember, at least, contemporary art – this is where the concept is simple / difficult to catch.

Who is this book for

I would define the target audience as follows: novice illustrators and skilled designers who want or need to master the skill of drawing by hand, and not just on a computer.

Also “Sketches. 50 Creative Assignments for Designers “will be useful for those who not only want to master the skill of an illustrator, but also develop their imagination and creativity – the goal of all assignments is not only to draw an object, but also to think about its content.

Buy a book

Whitney Sherman’s book Sketches. 50 Creative Assignments for Designers ”is available for purchase on Ozon.ru at a price of 530 rubles.

And if you want to get a 25% discount on this and other design books, then on the website of the publishing house “Peter” when placing an order, enter the promo code infogra… With him, the cost of the book will be 374 rubles!

Read an excerpt from a book

By the way, if you want to familiarize yourself with the author’s presentation style and look at a couple of problems, you can download a short excerpt.

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