The best lectures by Sergei Shanovich


The best lectures by Sergei Shanovich

If the name Sergei Shanovich means nothing to you, then, for sure, you have at least seen his projects.

Sergey is a designer, producer, director with a huge work experience, who managed to create images of such media giants as NTV, STS, TNT, REN TV, Gazprom Media during his career. Sergey is also the curator of the TV design direction at the BHSAD.

How “being determines consciousness” in design? How does a product become a brand? Sergei Shanovich’s lectures are in one way or another related to television design, but they will be incredibly useful for designers in other areas, since in all of them there is the most important variable – the consumer. And any design should ultimately be in demand by them. Sergey explains in simple language various models of behavior and perception, technologies for creating an image and methods of brand communication.

Lecture “Screen Design”

Philosophy of the sign

Sergey Shanovich – one of the founders of Fight Knights

Production Secrets: Teledesign

Design for TV and cinema

TV Channel 2004

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