5 ways to get rid of perfectionism


5 ways to get rid of perfectionism

Self-criticism and constant self-improvement, self-examination, focus on unconditional victory, the desire to refine and improve everything, intolerance to the mistakes of others and the imperfection of the world, the desire to be the first and recognized everywhere. All this is inherent in the majority of modern people who are firmly convinced of the correctness of their actions and attitudes. All this is called in one word – perfectionism.

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Yes, to some extent, self-criticism is useful and is the engine of one’s own growth. But, I emphasize, moderate self-criticism. After all, an uncontrolled striving for the ideal and perfection gives rise to the fear of failure. As a result, a person is afraid to make a mistake, to stumble and decides to wait for the best moment, to prepare more carefully so that everything goes at the highest level. As practice shows, a perfectionist who constantly postpones his success until tomorrow loses the moment altogether, sinking deeper and deeper into despondency.

Sometimes perfectionism reaches such a level that a person cannot implement any of the existing business ideas, since he has already prepared in his head a million reasons why this will not work. High expectations and a manic belief in one’s own exclusivity fetter a person, leaving him captive to his own conjectures.

In the sketches described above, many recognize themselves, their life situations and ask: “How can this be corrected? How to get rid of the fear of mistakes? How to stop marking time and improve what has already been improved? “

Below are five easy ways to take control and ultimately get rid of perfectionism.


Accept the thought that all people in the world are wrong.

Nobody is born a professional or a champion. Instead of grieving over the mistake you made, thinking about how you were able to make it, I advise you to correct the defect and move on.


Set a deadline for a specific task

Limit your actions in time to exclude meaningless running on the spot. Edits and edits, changes and improvements can continue indefinitely, as a result of which you will only lose interest and energy.

Rank your cases by importance

Don’t get hung up and waste precious time on something that doesn’t require flawless execution. Thus, you will save more energy and better concentrate on the key issues.


Let people be wrong

The desire to fix and teach everyone is counterproductive in nature. You should not cling to every grammatical error in an SMS message or imperfect, in your opinion, city planning. Don’t be so hard on this world, accept it as it is.

Formulate a goal

Before you get down to business, determine what result you want to achieve. What will be the criterion for the completion of the case. Thus, you will be able to concentrate as much as possible on the execution of the case and upon achieving the result, safely complete it. Suppressing the thought of improvement and refinement.

A decade ago, it was believed that it is human to make mistakes, only machines are not mistaken. Today we see that machines periodically fail. Be that as it may, everything cannot be foreseen and foreseen, perceive mistakes as an integral part of experience and life in general.

Author: Yaroslav Popov
Source: say-hi

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