Seminars by Art. Lebedev Studio


Seminars by Art. Lebedev Studio

A selection of seminars that have taken place in the studio of Artemy Lebedev over the past few years.

Seminars will be useful for both designers and all creative individuals, because the studio hosts not only designers for designers, but also experts in various fields: copywriting, urban design, books and much more.

Artem Gorbunov about useful action

Erken Kagarov on territory branding and his personal experience

Yuri Gordon and his letters

V. Melamed on current trends in illustration

M. Nesterenko on Marketing and Design in Culture

Sergey Koldaev about the Moscow metro

Sergey Korol about books and reading

Nick Gurevich on Comic Strip Ideas

Andrey Karmatsky on card design

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