Selection: 30 Dribbble Designers and Studios to Sign Up


Selection: 30 Dribbble Designers and Studios to Sign Up

Designer Eyal Zuri has compiled a list of accounts with interesting work from the Dribbble interface designer community on his Medium blog.

Recommended for viewing by everyone who is not indifferent to high-quality animation, illustrations and interfaces.

1. Studio Creativedash

The studio develops digital products, design and mobile applications.

2. Cosmin to the Captain

Freelancer, graphic designer, architect and urbanist.

1 * xqP6CAh5z82XKKyMGVXZLw

3. Ben Kline

Co-founder of Rally studio, designer.


4. Ainat Zamfir

Freelancer, interface designer.

1 * DTYA87XX2l7W6eb6En_Aaw

5. Studio InVision

A platform for prototyping, collaboration and collaboration.

1 * QhsKR_SaNsFt2zemAjj3Lw

6. Yakub Antalik

Product designer, Intercom employee and creator of the Taasky service.

1 * eeELu2qpO4ODEhHKnfLT7w

7. Studio Fantasy

Custom UI and UX development team.

1 * b-2y-nfq7TXfwhK56PcK3w

8. Aurelien Salomon

French designer who specializes in UI, UX, animation and augmented reality. Collaborates with hardware and software manufacturer IBM and multimedia company Universal.

1 * VHuzvdzL9XK_WMXNKbjwjQ

9. Chan’s Ballrage

User interface developer.

1 * mNnRaZ_bU6_yX3QbOOgUsA

10. Digital agency Tubik

Agency employees develop user interfaces for the web and mobile devices, are engaged in graphics, animation, logo creation and mobile applications.

1 * tuK8JQR3z9fjWIXeaUBKjg

11. Buatoom

Product designer at CraftFig studio in Thailand.

1 * ovViJufcmU6YaiAoTozjaQ

12. Gani Pradita

Designer and illustrator at Paperpillar Studios.

1 * cpFsQWMu3Xlm-JEjrLaOaw

13. Claudio Guglieri

Design Director at Microsoft Groove & Movies & TV.

1 * K97QLfpkrx1cfXo-259QPQ

14. Anton Ageichenko

Minimalist design specialist.

1 * ms_uCG8mzyFInHyucatM0g

15. Hannah Jang

Design developer for Google Play.

1 * 3IHfAXqGmo_SQjfnoRGg-A

16. Leo Leng

User interface developer.

1 * pNtPryfdkxr3tLahXYX92Q

17.Sergey Valyuk

Dnepropetrovsk designer, founder and art director at the Tubik studio.

1 * -exya1bNIu2wAtYjSHY10A

18. Alexander Zaitsev

Application interface developer from St. Petersburg.

1 * 1i3XONBtl3e7WSh_KqG8Pw

19. Nina Geometrieva

Lead designer at Grab studio.

1 * iInxW-eAfnYa6gO5GsbFgw

20. Studio Platform

The studio is engaged in the development of mobile applications and sites.

1 * F4h_wmZdA2nsNncnd63q4w

21. Denis Sevryukov

Interface developer

1 * Uhgd8u6xSQtG54XXtU-hoA

22. Ueno

A digital agency based in San Francisco, New York and Iceland. Works with news agency Reuters, Lonely Planet, Uber, Medium, Progressive, Airbnb, RedBull TV and Dropbox.

1 * PZyVLp6mVQi20PnsU-SoHg

23. Gal Shir

Product Designer and Art Director of Galshir Studio.

1 * LRjLAzWqaLiYl4N5DZH8Kg

24. Tony Babel

Designer, animator and illustrator.

1 * c2M9GhALjsVYZEBG8nMvRQ

25. Eran Mendel

Director of Animation and Design at Contact studio.

1 * OJxJTJLSyqJ0nMeuswuCSQ

26. James Curran

Designer and illustrator.

1 * c3O1muxUXKEnACStZiz6Jw

27. Jonah Dinges

Designer at the Upday studio.

1 * vaoSvdwjg9YgLKfj_p8dNQ

28. Yoga Perdana

Illustrator and logo designer.

1 * V2vIDJRV9-3d8RFb4nEvvQ

29. Marcus Magnusson

Animator and designer.

1 * 5DAQEDPv_5opTqr-y6yEag


Bulgarian designer, founder of the Smartists studio.

1 * lJsdQObj-74FeJO1k9py2g


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