Mastering Gradients in Adobe Illustrator


Mastering Gradients in Adobe Illustrator

It may seem that creating gradients is very simple: choose one color, choose a second color – Illustrator will do the rest for you. In general, this is true, but the capabilities of the program are much wider and with their help you can solve non-standard tasks.

This series of tutorials will help you master everything related to gradients and the process of creating them in Adobe Illustrator:
– how to choose the right colors;
– how to choose the right tools to create a specific gradient;
– how to combine multiple gradients with each other;
– how to apply a gradient to an object’s stroke
– and many other topics.

00 Introduction: Overview

01 What Makes Good Gradients

02 Choosing Colors

03 Setting Up Gradients Using the Gradient Panel

04 Adjusting Gradients Using the Gradient Tool

05 Creating Multiple Gradients within One Object

06 Applying Gradients to Type

07 Applying Gradients across Multiple Objects

08 Applying Gradients to Stroke

09 Shading Strokes with Gradients

10 Stacking Multiple Strokes

11 Creating Gradients Using the Gradient Mesh Tool

12 Distorting Gradient Meshes to Create Experimental Designs

13 Creating Gradients Using the Blend Tool

14 Creating Gradient Brushes

15 Creating and Saving Gradient Swatches

16 Recolouring Gradients and Designs

17 Texturing Gradients and Designs

18 Creating Graphic Styles

19 Exporting Your Work

20 Final Thoughts Conclusion

Bonus: Making of Layered Organic Design

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