Klaus Meyer-Pauken “Urban sketching step by step”


Klaus Meyer-Pauken “Urban sketching step by step”

Get inspiration from your surroundings, feel the rhythms of the big city! And the book “Urban Sketching” will help you learn how to quickly sketch them, preserving the best moments in memory.

The book will teach you in a few strokes to convey the charm of the places you have visited, or to capture well-known urban scenes.

Who is this book for?

“Urban sketching” will appeal to everyone who loves to draw and travel and wants to preserve memories and emotions for years to come.

What is this book about?

For hundreds of years, travelers have immortalized their impressions in travel sketches. This book will teach you how to sketch while traveling, it is filled with the bustle of the city, the charm of its inhabitants and the contrasts of architecture from different eras, in a word – life.

The theoretical basis is illustrated with small master classes, in which the artist shows step by step the process of his work. Everything looks clear and accessible, and the thought “I can do it too” will inspire you better than neat and “combed” sketches, which you will not find in this book. The vivid illustrations by Klaus Meyer-Pauken show the liveliness of the line, the dynamics of the plot and the rhythm of the city.

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Materials (edit)

The technique of the image certainly determines the choice of materials. The author stands for the union of simplicity and thoughtfulness. Sketching is “simple” drawing, quick notes that don’t require complex materials, and therefore you don’t need a suitcase of materials. The basic sketching tools are a pencil and a colored pencil, a basic set of paints, a fountain pen and a notebook. But at the same time, you need to be well prepared: do not forget the sharpener, eraser and other important little things.


The expressiveness of the landscape

Urban landscapes are multi-layered, and the author focuses on creating the illusion of depth in space. A beginner sketcher will be helped in this by playing with line width and color accents.

Each landscape has an expressive detail, focusing on which, you can accurately convey the mood and atmosphere. Sometimes it is the detail that is the most attractive element: an unusual arch, a carved door, an elegant bay window, a chimney, a recognizable dome or superstructure.


The basis of a successful sketch is an expressive author’s style. Klaus Meyer-Pauken will tell you how to develop your own style, to make the image light and at the same time interesting, bright and attractive. You will learn about the role of color in a landscape (it is not so necessary), competent composition and many little things that make up success.

Here are a couple of tips:

  • a relaxed, fluent line gives the image a playfulness, the break in the corners also contributes to this;
  • for a good color sketch, 2-3 shades are enough, otherwise the focus may shift from the plot to the color;
  • shading the ground and roads is done horizontally to ground the sketch.

How the book was made

Under the hard, rough cover, you will find almost a hundred pages of thick white paper with author’s illustrations. Some of the sketches are in color and the excellent print quality will allow the reader to appreciate the author’s skill. And a bright red ribbon bookmark will help you to mark which lesson you left off.


A good book for anyone interested in urban sketching, especially travel sketchbook techniques. You will learn how to choose the right scenes and materials and draw expressive sketches of your favorite places in the city.

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