Kerry Lemon “Draw Without Fear”


Kerry Lemon “Draw Without Fear”

Painting Without Fear by Kerry Lemon Is another book designed to help all aspiring artists overcome the fear of illustration. Compared to Whitney Sherman’s Sketches. 50 Creative Assignments for Designers “,” Drawing Without Fear “is a more in-depth overview of not only illustration techniques, but also materials and tools that can be used for illustrations (as mentioned only in passing in” Sketches. 50 Creative Assignments for Designers “) …

Who is this book for

I would highly recommend reading the book Draw Without Fear both for novice illustrators and their more experienced colleagues who want to master new tools and understand the principle of working with them.

But do not dwell only on working with pencils and brushes – in addition to these techniques, the book “Drawing without fear” describes the principles of working with ink, paper and glue, wire and other objects from the surrounding world.

After all, the work of an illustrator is mostly imagination, which needs to be developed in all available ways!

What is this book about

Kerry Lemon cites a lot of his own works, on the example of which he invites the reader to complete tasks to develop a particular skill.

These tasks are structured (in my opinion) very correctly and logically: first, Lemon proposes his own solution, and then offers the reader to fill in the empty space. Therefore, you will never have the question “Did I understand the task correctly?”

Buy a book

Kerry Lemon’s book “Drawing Without Fear” is available for purchase on at a price of 423 rubles.

Also, the book “Drawing without fear” can be purchased directly from the publishing house “Peter” at a price of 399 rubles.

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Read an excerpt from a book

By the way, if you want to familiarize yourself with the author’s presentation style and look at examples of tasks for illustrators, you can download a small excerpt.

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