Kate Neckel “Get Started Now!”


Kate Neckel “Get Started Now!”

Kate Neckel’s Book “Start Now!” Is a creative notebook that will help you take the first step, look inside yourself, reveal your creative potential and just have a good time.

Kate herself, in her fourth grade, began drawing on her pink Converse and has not been able to stop ever since. Get started, too, right now! Even if you are not ready!

Who is this book for?

The key word in this book is now. The book was created for all those who doubt their abilities and those who like to put it off for later. For those who feel a “creative streak” in themselves, but cannot decide. This edition will be useful both for a person who starts his creative career and for an experienced artist looking for inspiration.

What’s inside?

Inside there is a lot of motivation for action and motivating inscriptions. There is not a single blank sheet of paper in the book intended for drawing. A good idea! No fear of the white sheet. In the author’s notes there are crossed out errors, “clumsy”, which makes the notebook simple, it is not scary to use and can be spoiled from the heart.

In addition to drawing space, there is also space for notes with non-standard ruled. Not drawn? Write! Kate Neckel put in her creative notebook several personal and provocative questions: “What are you afraid of?”, “Where is the best place on earth?”, “What can you cry from?” It turns out that we just didn’t think about much before. The author encourages us to be more attentive to ourselves and to what surrounds us. And he gives some tips on how to get inspiration from simple things.

The questions are scattered throughout the notebook, these mini-questionnaires will come as a small surprise and will be of great benefit to the owner.

There is also a page about our weak points – social networks! It’s time to break away from them and look around. “Look for what you love in life, not on social media,” advises Kate. Go outside, visit museums, have a snack at the new cafe.

The dedicated workspace page is very inspiring. It is not at all necessary to have a huge free desk (although you really want to!) There are no conventions for creativity, so a bedside table or dining table is fine. Or you can create outside of your corner: on a park bench, in a cafe or on the beach.

The book will not teach you how to draw, but it will make you get down to business immediately. This is a creative space that will become a creative diary, stimulate action and inspire. This is a sign that it’s time to start.


How was the book made?

A plump, colorful paperback notebook looks attractive. The format is small enough to fit into a medium-sized bag and large enough to keep your imagination going.

Everything inside is redrawn in Russian – a colossal work! All illustrations inside are black and white. On the one hand it looks boring, on the other – the flag is in your hands, paint it yourself!

The density of the paper, unfortunately, will not allow to embody all the ideas submitted by the author. Even blank pages show through and the drawing printed on the next sheet is visible. So you will have to forget about experiments with ink, watercolors and alcohol markers in this notebook. But you can safely work with a ballpoint pen or pencil. Still, the book is intended, first of all, to reveal the creative potential, and for experiments with other materials, you can have a separate sketchbook.



A notebook from Kate Neckel will help you decide on creative exploits and figure out your desires. He will prove that the process is much more important than the result. This book will become your personal creative space, a source of inspiration and a keeper of the craziest ideas.

Buy Kate Neckel’s book “Get Started Now!”

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Author: Evgeniya Suvorova

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