John Hendrix “Drawing is cool”


John Hendrix “Drawing is cool”

Are you determined to learn how to draw, but don’t know where to start? Feeling afraid of a blank sheet of paper? Afraid that lack of technical skills will interfere with your vision? Are you already drawing, but “stuck” at the same level? Finding it difficult to find new topics and plots? Perhaps you are experiencing a creative crisis in another field of activity? Then this book is for you!

A striking guide that will guide you on your own creative path and help get rid of stereotypes.

John Hendrix, the author of the book, discovered the sketchbook in second grade and knows for sure that drawing is cool!


What is this book about?

This edition joins the ranks of creative notebooks, but I would rather call it a guide. Particularly pleasing is the consistent presentation of thoughts, which, in general, is uncharacteristic for this kind of books. The presence of the author is felt on each page, his remarks and thoughts do not leave you alone with blank sheets, as if you are drawing together all the time. The comments and tips are full of humor and are a pleasure to read.

A sketchbook is the artist’s personal space; it is not subject to public display. And since there is no outside observer, there will be no fearful criticism. You can create without hesitation. Make the sketchbook your personal territory and keep strangers out of it. Although no one bothers to show individual pages, it will always be your conscious choice.

John Hendrix positions drawing as a game. This analogy works best, because in the game the rules are set by those who play, and the process stands above the result (if there can be any). It is only important to have fun and interesting time, and what happened in the end is not essential.

To the delight of self-taught, the author urges to abandon the “correctness” of the drawing and strive for sincerity. If you give up perfectionism, you can achieve much more impressive results.

Interestingly, unlike most teachers, John Hendrix does not insist on drawing entirely from life. As one of the exercises, he suggests drawing from memory, although there are exercises for drawing “from the head”.

All tasks are original and interesting, rather difficult, but at the same time doable. My favorite page is called Idea Factory. This is a whole instruction that will help you comprehend the material and find new ideas.


A sketchbook is a professional tool for any artist. It contains sketches and sketches, good and bad, but most importantly, it is the source of many ideas. Drawing is not just a copy of reality, but its creative processing. The most brilliant ideas are born precisely in the process of drawing.

The entire sketchbook is a generator of your own ideas. And also a keeper. Having painted all the pages of this, you will definitely want to start a new, your own sketchbook, with completely blank sheets and huge potential.


How was the book made?

The paperback color of craft paper, covered with author’s drawings, immediately catches the eye. The paper and print quality is excellent: drawings are bright, clearly printed and do not show through.

Pages are numbered and the book is divided into chapters. There are 160 pages in total, the reader and the author have a long cooperation ahead of them, so there is a great lack of a bookmark ribbon.

The medium format (19 * 23 cm) is very convenient: you can draw at home and take it with you. The corners of the pages are rounded, so using a sketchbook will not make it frayed after 3 days.



This sketchbook stands out among its peers and non-standard, meaningful tasks, and the quality of execution, and inspiring comments from the author.

Drawing is Cool will help you find your own style. By daring to create something new, you begin your own journey, full of the most wonderful ideas and the most exciting stories.

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Author: Evgeniya Suvorova

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