John Allen “Basic Geometric Shapes for Designers and Architects”


John Allen “Basic Geometric Shapes for Designers and Architects”

When was the last time you used a compass? A protractor? I am sure that in school and college, everyone at least a couple of times a week held in their hands these wonderful graphic tools that taught us to think independently about the rules for constructing figures and their combinations to obtain more complex shapes.

But time goes by and most of analog technologies have migrated to digital, where by the command “draw a circle” you get a perfect circle, and by the command “draw an isosceles triangle”, the computer, without hesitation for a second, produces an ideal isosceles triangle.

So don’t you think that there are too many technologies in our life that make it impossible for us to think and invent for ourselves the way we did before? Say what you like, but the presence of a computer did not make serious breakthroughs, for example, in architecture and graphic art.

Yes, the computer began to save up to 90% of the time that our senior colleagues spent on meticulously drawing figures on paper. But they knew exactly how to draw an isosceles triangle, how to draw a star or a hexagon.

Book “Basic geometric shapes for designers and architects” will help you remember (or re-learn) the main ways of constructing basic geometric shapes on paper using only a pencil, compasses and a ruler.

But do not think that this will be an ordinary textbook on geometry or drawing – yes, there is certainly some basic theory in the book, but in addition, the author gives examples where you can find various shapes in nature: for example, a hexagon – in flowers, and gold section – in shells and cacti.

First of all, I recommend reading the book “Basic Geometric Shapes for Designers and Architects” to all architects and designers who have stopped creating something by hand and only work on computers. Firstly, knowledge of the basics of drawing and geometry is always good, and secondly, working with your hands develops the creative part of the brain, which also cannot but rejoice 🙂

In total, in his book, John Allen collected the principles of constructing more than 60 shapes: triangles, polyhedra, and for almost all he described several principles of their construction.

Buy a book

It is best to buy the book “Basic Geometric Shapes for Designers and Architects” directly from the publisher Peter for 435 rubles, plus a promotional code infogra you will receive a 25% discount, i.e. the price of the book will be 326 rubles.

Excerpt from a book

A couple of pages can be viewed in the published electronic version of the book at the link.

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