In search of inspiration: which foreign designers to follow on Instagram


In search of inspiration: which foreign designers to follow on Instagram

A selection of profiles of employees of Pentagram, SNASK, Monotype and other companies.

Sasha Lobe, Pentagram


Sasha Lobe became a Pentagram partner in June 2018. Prior to that, he ran his L2M3 design studio for 19 years and managed to work with Adidas, Hugo Boss, Daimler AG, and a number of museums and galleries.

On Instagram, the designer shares his projects and the work of other creative personalities, which he subscribes to. In “stories” Sasha Lobe publishes fragments from life: workflow, exhibitions, installations, biennale.

Fabrizio Morra, Snask


Snask is a studio from Stockholm that manages to replenish its portfolio with client cases and release its products. Among the studio’s own projects: a rock band, a book about the first five years of Snask’s life, a handmade hot pink bicycle and a beer that is recommended to drink while standing in the shower.

The Instagram of the studio’s art director Fabrizio Morri is filled not only with her projects, but also with photos of the process of their creation, where there is a place for humor and jokes on colleagues.

Charles Nix, Monotype


He is a member of the team behind Helvetica Now, an updated version of the iconic sans-serif font Helvetica.

The typographer and designer posts on Instagram his work, photos and images of fonts that he finds interesting. You should also pay attention to the captions under the images – sometimes there are the names of other famous typographers and the dates of the books, the pages of which are published by Charles Nix. This is useful for understanding the history of fonts and typography.

Elias Akentour, AKQA


Elias Akentour is the Art Director of the London office of AKQA, a global digital agency with a 25-year history. The designer’s portfolio includes projects for Facebook, L’Oreal, Chanel and other brands.

Now Elias Akentur has two Instagram accounts: one is private and closed to the public, the other is public, in which he shares his work on the verge of design and graphics. The Muralnoir page contains over 300 publications, all of which are designed in a particular style.

Alan Binding, Field


Alan Binding is the founder of Field Studios, who has worked with Samsung, Maserati, Adidas and other brands. He runs his Instagram under the motto “Keep it simple.”

Not only can you draw inspiration from the designer’s publications, but you can also learn English idioms. Most of the works presented are a visual version of catchphrases and lyrics from famous songs.

Rick Berkelmans, Hedof


Illustrator Rick Berkelmans has his own studio Hedof, in which one employee is himself. Despite this, the list of clients includes The New York Times, IKEA, Google, Playstation, Red Bull and dozens of other well-known brands.

Illustrator’s Instagram is a collection of sketches, videos from the process of creating illustrations and the final versions of his work.

Levi Jacobs, Closer & Closer


Closer & Closer is an agency that represents 29 illustrators, animators and artists from all over the world. The studio cooperates with companies, publishers and other creative studios that need specialists for a specific project.

Levi Jacobs is one of Closer & Closer’s illustrators. She publishes her work, as well as murals (a large image applied to the wall of the building – Occasionally Jacobs spreads “stories” about the design process.

Maxim Gudin, The Mill +


3D artist Maxim Gudin from Odessa has worked in Moscow and the Netherlands. He now lives in Los Angeles and is the art director at The Mill +.

Maxim Gudin on Instagram shares fragments of client and personal projects. In the “stories” of the artist, you can see images of his works that are not in the main tape.

Henry Chang, Imaginary Forces


Imaginary Forces has partnered with HBO, Netflix, National Geographic and other brands and companies. Of the famous examples – the studio made a Marvel intro that goes at the very beginning of their films.

Henry Chang is the Art Director of Imaginary Forces. The list of his works includes one of the teasers of “Game of Thrones” and the opening credits of the series “Castle Rock”. Henry Chang’s Instagram – working portfolio and life photos. For example, the artist traveled to Japan and published a series of photographs from the trip.

Cody Maemori, Mucho


Mucho has nine managing partners, four offices, dozens of portfolio projects for clients like Balenciaga, HP and BMW, and one design director, Cody Maemori.

In general, Cody Maemori’s page is a set of his own and studio cases mixed with sketches from everyday life.


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