How to make a performer hate you the right way


How to make a performer hate you the right way

Rye Studio, which produces video content for business, has collected 7 harmful tips that will make the work on a project a real hell, so that the performers do not think that they are in a fairy tale!

So you have a project. For example, you need a video, but you cannot make it yourself: you do not know how and God did not reward you with the talent to do it, or you know how, but you do not have time for this.

Strictly adhere to these rules, they will show the performers where the crayfish winter, and you will be remembered for a long time!


1. Be imposing. Immediately start communicating on “You” so that they know who is the boss here and who pays the money. Tell them to call you back in 10 minutes because you are busy right now. When someone calls you back, do not pick up the phone the first time. Pick up the phone a third time. So you show that you have very little time, you are an important person, and you need to adapt to you.

2. Choose the most inconvenient way to communicate with you. For example, mail. Skype and messengers, social networks – forget it. Let them write letters even if you are required to answer “yes” or “no”. Again, writing letters these days is an example of thoughtful communication. Let them not fantasize that they are chatting with you. Only mail, only long correspondence.

3. Take a long time to answer. They already know that you are a busy person. They will put pressure on you, saying that deadlines are running out and you need to be in time for the deadline. Give it a heat! Add oil to their work! Let them work in the last days in such a way that they will remember you. The more stress, the more damage to their psyche you will do. A shattered psyche is easier to manipulate, remember this!

4. Never take screenshots and explain the task in words so that they think out and ask you more questions, which, again, you should be reluctant to answer. Use the expressions more often: “you don’t understand again?”, “Turn on the logic”, “what is your fantasy?”. Humiliate, dominate, rule!

5. Answer in monosyllables: “Ok”, “yes”, “no”, “maybe”. Let them draw words from you, draw out meanings. By answering at length, you will protect yourself from promises and specifics. Don’t let the creative class catch you, let everyone think for you: at any moment you can deny everything and go to the tactics from point 4.

6. Avoid everything related to the issue of payment for the project. Let them remind you about prepayments and payments. Pay reluctantly, delay the process, blame everything on the poor performance of banks and payment systems. Use words like “only”, for example: “it’s only 50 thousand rubles”. Feed breakfast and promises, make you beg.

7. Having received the project in your hands, say that you hoped for the best, do not praise, keep the joy of a well-executed project to yourself. Then, as if giving you a chance to rehabilitate yourself, tell them that they can do something else for you. Name the price less than the real one. Let them rejoice that even so.

What other items would you add?

PS Joy to you and an amazing sense of humor!

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