How a designer can feel more confident among other designers

When studying something, in particular design, I don’t really like to focus on terminology, titles, names, titles, and so on.

For example, I read a useful fact about color interaction, but did not even pay attention to the author. What does it matter to me what the name of this grandfather is, and even more so his age and year of birth, when I received useful knowledge? Why would I bog down a kilobyte of my long-term memory with useless numbers and words?

Thus, knowledge and experience accumulate in my head, and useless things are deleted: when was Steve Zhops born or how old is Lebedev.

For a while, I constantly monitored the line spacing in the text, and only then I found out that I followed the leading. The fact that the in-letter gap I called the hole in the letter did not prevent me from being a good designer.

Nevertheless, when I communicate with other designers, I hear: “No problem for the design of the image visual …”. And I feel like such a fool, thinking: “What? What-what kind of visual? I’ve never done that. Apparently, the guys are doing something cool, and I’m just a schmuck. ” At the same time, I’m afraid to ask what it is all about, they will suddenly crap and ridicule.

As a result, it turns out that I have repeatedly done this visionary, calling it the style of an advertising company or a single style on the social network. It immediately became easier, I just did not know the word stupidly.

Guys, if you, like me, were complex about terminological cretinism, then stop, most likely you know everything perfectly well, only under the clothes of a different term. And there is nothing dumb in asking the interlocutor: “What kind of kei is this?” You will not become worse or even embarrassed, but you will learn a new term for you.

Be more confident in yourself, you deserve it if you fumble about some topic in design, but at the same time you just do not know some name or term. It takes days, weeks and months to learn a topic; to memorize it, it takes 5 seconds. Anyone who juggles terms may know nothing but them.

I would like to emphasize that there is nothing over-the-top in ignorance of the terms, but for more effective interaction with colleagues in the shop, you need to know the terms. The more accurate and purer you will formulate thoughts and express them, the better for you and for your teammates.

Source: DesignKabak

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