Heather Bradley Design. Modern creatiff “


Heather Bradley Design. Modern creatiff “

Nobody can make you suck dull. Design with a joke!

A useful, all-natural guide to humor in design, sulfate and paraben free.

Stop making dull but functional designs. Get creative, joke around, design and get paid for it!

Who is this book for?

For graphic designers who want to do their job with a joke and for all those who just want to have fun and learn a little more about the world of humor. Seriously, this is almost an encyclopedia of humor.

What is this book about?

About what happens when you combine graphic design and humor. Heather Bradley has devoted a significant portion of her book to humor theory. Yes, oddly enough, but jokes also lend themselves to theoretical description. There is even a plan for a successful joke!

Why is a man given a sense of humor at all? The opinions of scientists differ greatly on this issue. But Heather Bradley makes it clear why we need it in our work. Jokes should work, and humor is a design tool, not a solution. But what is the right way to learn how to use this tool?

Think like a humorist

Rule number one: humor is subjective. What my friend finds funny may not please my grandmother at all. And therefore the author puts in the book a typology of the sense of humor, only 10 types: from highbrow to eccentric. Wow, there’s also a test, you can also determine what kind of sense of humor you have. The test, of course, is also comic, but there is a typology of such a truth, and it helps to understand why one is funny that does not cause even a shadow of a smile from another.

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How to make a joke funny and profitable?

In addition to various ridiculous questions, the author also asks the sacred one: “What does my customer want from me?”. And she succeeds in giving an answer!

How can you even persuade a serious guy in a suit to invest a budget in a funny design? The book contains excellent advice on this topic. For example, find a frivolous uncle. The main thing to remember is that in design, the audience’s sense of humor is much more important than yours or the client’s.

The most serious part of the book is a selection of 42 ways to make a design cool. Among them are different types of jokes and gags, appropriate for different target audiences. Alas, there is no “golden mean” in funny design, it cannot be restrained. After all, then it is no longer funny.


Why aren’t they laughing ?!

You may have made some mistake. But which one – the book will tell you. Here’s a list of reasons why the joke didn’t work. In the language of comedy, they are called bloopers – a public blunder. It is not easy to write about mistakes with humor.

What else is cool about the book?

Throughout the book, in color frames, there are different jokes: funny historical and scientific facts, quotes from individuals unfamiliar to the Russian-speaking reader, a little comedy theory and, of course, funny pictures.

And the author also jokes a lot right in the text or in the margins. By the way, did you know that half of the entire Internet is occupied by cats?

Please note, the rating of the book is 18+. Jokes, as we already know, are different ☺

If you want to have a good time reading professional literature, this book is what you need. Joke, laugh and reach new career heights!

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Download an excerpt from the book “Design. Modern creatiff “can be found at the link.

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Heather Bradley’s book Design. Modern creatiff “is available for purchase only in paper version in the online stores Ozon, Labyrinth (cheapest) or on the website of the publishing house Peter (by the way, don’t forget about the promo code infographics, which gives a 25% discount on all books of the publisher).

Author: Evgeniya Suvorova

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