Dan Roham “Speak and Show”


Dan Roham “Speak and Show”

Dan Roham – A skilled speaker and a big fan of presenting information in the form of simple hand-drawn illustrations that are best perceived by any audience. He is also the author of 3 books on communicating information using these simplest illustrations. Or as he himself calls this method – “drawings on a napkin.”

That is why all of his books have such an inconvenient square format. But what can you do, the style must be maintained 🙂


It is not by chance that I mentioned Roehm’s past books, “Visual Thinking”, “The Practice of Visual Thinking” and “Blah-blah-blah” are devoted exclusively to teaching methods of communication with the audience. This time Roham decided to go a little further and wrote a whole book about engaging the audience in your story.


What is this book about

To put it more precisely than “The Book of the Right Presentations”, I think, I will not succeed.

During his professional career, Dan Roham has given more than 1000 presentations himself and, probably, prepared as many more for other speakers.

After finishing work on the next presentation, Roham learned something new for himself or realized past mistakes. As a result, he collected all his observations and knowledge together under the general title “Speak and Show.”

In addition to key approaches to creating presentations, Roehm provided the book with an abundant number of examples from which to demonstrate various approaches to creating and telling a presentation to an audience.


Who is this book for

Speak and Show priority is given to speakers and speakers; those people who are in direct contact with the audience. Most of the book is devoted to exactly this knowledge:
– how to involve the listener in the presentation;
– how not to let the audience get bored;
– why it is important to understand in advance which audience will be present;
– which of the 4 types of presentation to choose, etc.


However, the visual part of the presentation still plays an important role. This issue is also addressed at the end of Speak and Show, but not as extensively and deeply as in Roehm’s previous publications. I am sure that with practice, you will be able to understand many of the nuances of presenting information in a simplified style and master this method, however, at first, there may be misunderstandings with the audience.

Therefore, if you want to fully master the technique that Roehm preaches, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the book “Speak and Show” with the books “The Practice of Visual Thinking” and “Blah-blah-blah” (I do not include in this list the first book “Visual Thinking “, Because 99% of the information from it is contained in the other two).

Contents of a book

It is worth noting that earlier all Roehm’s books are distinguished by excellent chapter breakdown and high content.

In “Speak and Show” everything is also good with the chapters and content, however, the volume of the book is artificially increased, due to the large number of illustrations, large print and a lot of air. In general, the entire book could have a volume 2-3 times less.


But do not let this fact confuse you – nevertheless, Roehm is a professional in his field and knows what he writes about, so we will leave aside the judgment about the correctness of the artificial increase in the volume of the book 🙂

Download the book “Speak and Show”

Want to read Roehm’s book now? Then download the introductory chapter Three Rules of Presentation.

To buy a book

The book “Speak and Show” is available for purchase in the Ozon online store at a price of 622 rubles for the printed version or 349 for the electronic version.

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