Billy Showell “Watercolor portraits of flowers”


Billy Showell “Watercolor portraits of flowers”

Billy Showell’s books have long been considered objects of aesthetic pleasure. But, despite this, the artist always has something to add to what has been written before. In the book “Watercolor Portraits of Flowers” you will find beautiful illustrations, extremely useful practical advice and detailed master classes.

There is hardly anyone among fans of botanical illustration who has never heard the name Billy Showell. This talented British artist has published more than one book dedicated to the art of depicting plants in watercolors. Her other books – “Portraits of Fruits and Vegetables”, “Portraits of Flowers from A to Z” and “Botanical Portraits” – are already familiar to Russian-speaking readers and deservedly found their fans.


Who is this book for?

For those who have been drawing for a long time and are looking for perfection, as well as for those who last held a brush during labor lessons. In this book, everyone will find something valuable for themselves.

What is this book about?

Despite the fact that this is the fourth book by Billy Showell, which the Russian-speaking reader gets acquainted with, the author continues to pleasantly surprise and delight fans of his work. The book is a practical guide, it is not just a beautiful album with illustrations, but a visual aid. It can be conditionally divided into two main parts – theoretical and practical.

The basics of the basics

In the first part, the author writes about botanical illustration as a phenomenon in art, about materials, about the most important concepts in color theory and about composition. Having become familiar with the theory, not only a person who is savvy in drawing, but also a beginner can get down to business. The list of materials is quite extensive, but the author highlights a basic set for beginners, which will greatly simplify the start. A rather laconic style of storytelling will not create an oppressive sense of the complexity of the subject described for beginners.


The composition deserves special attention. In Billy Showell, she is simple and sophisticated at the same time. The artist deviates from the classical botanical composition. For her, in the first place is not the practical use of drawing, which initially presupposes the genre of botanical illustration, but beauty and grace. It is significant that the word “portraits” always appears in the titles of books. For Billy Showell, flowers and fruits are not a still life, but a real portrait, reflecting the character and personality of the “model”. Both beginners and experienced artists should learn from the author of a balanced, concise and, at the same time, original composition.

Practical work

In the practical part, the reader will get acquainted with the basic techniques used when working with watercolors. And most importantly, with how to apply them in work. One of the most important painting skills is the ability to mix the primary colors correctly. The artist shares the secrets of getting the right and, most importantly, clean! shades.

The book also includes several detailed tutorials on depicting different plants. Billy Showell herself paints flowers with great love, depicting them in the smallest detail. This book will not only help you master botanical illustration, it can awaken in readers a love of nature and attentiveness to the environment.


How was the book made?

Like all previous editions of the author, “Watercolor Portraits of Flowers” are distinguished by high print quality and elegant design. The large format, the author’s endpapers, the bookmark, the abundance of the author’s illustrations – this is what turns the practical guide into a book that is simply pleasant to leaf through and look at. All of the author’s books have this amazing property – to be both an album with illustrations and a drawing textbook.


A perfect gift for an adult or teenager interested in drawing. It will be a useful tutorial for a beginner and a helpful guide for an experienced artist. And it will also become a valuable element of the book collection of anyone who is fond of the fine arts.

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