Best Customer Intelligence Tools to Gain Actionable Insights

Best Customer Intelligence Tools to Gain Actionable Insights

We owe all of our success to our customers. And for that reason, we should value their needs and opinions, but also see how they react to our actions.

Customer intelligence tools do just that, they analyze tons of data in hopes of gaining a deeper understanding of your customer’s needs and behavior. All of this is done to improve your customers’ journeys, personalize their experience, improve your sales, and last but not least, satisfy your customers and make them feel special. It lets you know every single step a customer takes on your site, and that alone gives you a perspective on their behavior.

In the rest of this article, you will be presented with a few of the, in our opinion, best customer intelligence tools. All of them are great, and do what they are supposed to. So, if you are ready let us get started:


Once you sell your product to your customer, of course, you want to know if the person liked it or not. This tool does just that. It is a product feedback management tool. It works in a way that it collects data from your customer, and help you understand their needs. No matter where your customer is, the tool can get feedback, and the best thing about it is how fast it is. It can go through a lot of feedback in seconds.


This is a super powerful tool. Its strength lies in the fact that it can present you with all of the digital interactions that happened on a site relevant to you. It offers multiple data collection methods; email surveys, mobile, website, and social feedback. The tool is used by some of the world’s biggest companies like Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Uber, and so on.

Any Road

This is an ERM (experience relationship management) tool. It collects experiences and turns them into customer data. The benefit of this tool is the possibility of showing you customer data in real-time on your centralized dashboard, and this allows you to gain knowledge on who exactly is reaching out to your brand. The most valuable thing about Any Road is you can measure and build brand loyalty, which is super important.GeetFeedback

From its name, you can pretty much understand what this tool does. Surveys are a great way of getting information from your customers and seeing how they react to certain changes you make when it comes to your brand. Understanding your current customers will help you understand even the future ones. The tool does just that, it performs surveys to your customers and collects the data inside of them. No matter how big your business is, GetFeedback will serve you well.

AI in marketing


When it comes to customer experience, this is the tool to go for. We believe that when it comes to analytics, InMoment really does offer the most advanced ones compared to its competition. The tool has a super easy UI and is very modern. The decisions you make will be much better, once you get feedback from your customers. Your customers can even upload feedback via video, audio, and also text. The feedback does not come from one source only but also from social media, your finance, and so on.


All of these tools are super helpful, and will definitely serve you in the way they are supposed to. Your current customers are super important because they might be the reason you gain even more new ones. For that reason, you want your customers to feel important and know that their opinion really does matter.

Picking any of these customers’ intelligence tools will not be a mistake. Pick the one you feel will work best for you, and give you results that are valuable to you.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and will give one of these tools a go.