6 Best SSL Certificate Monitoring Tools

If you wonder why SSL is important, let us just say this: SSL is a secure path between the client and server. And with SSL you will know that the server you are connecting to is authentic and secure.

Install the SSL certificate on your site and gain your users’ trust. HTTPS is a protocol that uses SSL. In this secure communication, SSL combines two security processes “security handshake” and “encrypt/decrypt information”.

Once a client request URL access, submits a form, or need some secure information (user name or password), those two security processes will take place during this communication, so any data exchange between the client and server will be secure by using SSL.

But, once you have installed your SSL certificate, you need to monitor your site for various security issues. The main one can be SSL validity since SSL has an expiration date.

These tools are the best you can find for keeping your SSL-protected site up and running:

1. WP Force SSL

The first one on our list is the WP Force SSL plugin. What is great about this plugin is that it will instantly green-lock your site. It has other great features to fix multiple security and usability issues on your site.

The main feature of WP Force SSL is the SSL monitoring feature. Using SSL monitoring you will be sure all your SSL licenses are up to date. SSL monitoring will check whether all licenses are installed properly and working without errors. Every time an SSL monitor checks the site it is in real-time, you can be sure that more than 50 errors are monitored during every scan.

Another feature important for SSL’s successful running on all sites is the WP Force SSL Centralised dashboard. Using this dashboard in one place you will have all relevant information: licenses, purchases, and SSL monitors. And not only from your site, but you can also check, monitor, and manage your and your client’s sites from this one Centralised dashboard.

There is also a Content scanner for finding mixed content, and WP Force SSL won’t slow down your site, since it perfectly fits all themes and any other plugins you have installed on your site.

2. CheqUptime

CheqUptime monitoring tool will monitor your software uptime and notify you about changes in its running. Also, you will have cronjobs monitoring and status of your pages. Every time any of them go down CheqUptime will send you a notification.

Available website monitoring is a multiple-location, and it is a constant 24/7 monitoring with notifications.

Notification on incidents can be set up per your liking: email, SMS, Slack, Discord, Telegram, or webhook emergency notifications.

3. Uptimia

Uptimia is another useful tool built to monitor your website speed, uptime, and site health. Any time some problem occurs, you will receive an alert.

This tool will save you time and increase productivity by automating system tracking. Use Uptimia to ensure that all transactions on your website (sign-in, sign-up, and checkout) work without fallout.

It is best used for eCommerce sites and Product Managers. And small businesses will also benefit from this tool.

4. Domain Monitor

Another nice tool for website monitoring is Domain Monitor. It is an all-in-one monitoring tool for domains and websites.

On the Domain Monitor platform, you can add “domains” and “monitors” and both will be under constant monitoring, 24/7.

Notifications can be received by email, web, SMS, and Slack. “Domain” monitoring includes SSL, DNS, and Domain expiration checking.

5. My Website is Online

The tool for professional uptime monitoring for web artisans is My Website is Online.

Once you configure unlimited monitoring by this tool, you will receive an email notification for every failure of:


– HTTP with matching text

-TCP port

– Ping

– DNS Records

The “My Website is Online” tool will check TTFB, SSL certification expiration, and DNS changes.

6. Netumo

Netumo currently offers a lifetime deal for the website, APIs, and host monitoring. This includes checks for SSL certificates and SEO elements on your site.

Having a website monitor is important for your website’s successful running, and Netumo will send you instant alerts for every issue that occurs on your site. Receive alerts by email, SMS, Microsoft Teams, or Twitter.


Safety must be the No1 priority for any website owner. One of the best safety solutions to have is an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate must be checked for reissuing and functionality. To have an excellent monitoring tool and a tool for sorting out multiple security issues on your website, use WP Force SSL, and your site will be safe.