Austin Cleon Steal Like an Artist. 10 lessons of creative self-expression “


Austin Cleon Steal Like an Artist. 10 lessons of creative self-expression “

Austin Cleon Steal Like an Artist.  10 lessons of creative self-expression The book made the first impression on me as soon as I opened it – a strong smell of printing ink hit my nose. In general, I love the smell of new books, but I have never met such a sharp and strong one. And everything turned out to be due to the large number of pages almost completely filled with black (about 25-30% of the entire book).

The next surprise for me was the font size – 15 or so. After that, it immediately becomes clear: if you arrange the book like everyone else (font 10-12 and few pictures), then its volume will turn out like a regular brochure of 30 pages, no more. But if you do not pay attention to this, then this large font is very in harmony with another baboutin a larger font of inscriptions and headings, which the author did independently.

Austin Cleon Steal Like an Artist.  10 lessons of creative self-expression

Who is this book for

If we take into account the fact that absolutely all people are creators, then this book is for everyone, without exception. And it doesn’t matter what you are doing: designing or selling toothpaste. Everywhere it is necessary to come up with something new so that things go uphill.

What is this book about

If before buying a book you want to understand the essence of the book “Steal like an artist”, then first of all I advise you to read the article of the same name by the author entitled “10 rules of creativity”, which contains the main ideas that are also reflected in the book. But since It’s very difficult to publish a simple article in the form of a book (even if you add 20 pictures there), Austin Cleon decided to add a little additional material to make the final version more meaningful than a simple article on the Internet. But the meaning, of course, remained: the book is an article “10 rules of creativity” with added quotes from various famous people and the author’s thoughts on this matter.

Undoubtedly, the book “Steal as an artist” claims to be a motivating book, or rather articles (I read the whole book in just 45 minutes of a subway ride). Because exactly half of it is devoted to just one thought: “everything has already been invented and done before you; you just have to steal these ideas and alter them, supplement and improve, and never hesitate to say that you steal all the ideas, and do not invent them yourself, because it is impossible ”. It is quite a sensible idea and everyone will understand it in their own way and, perhaps, heed the advice of the author.

What’s new I learned from the book

Apart from a lot of quotes from famous people, I learned about an interesting service called Google Alert. The author said about him that almost all designers have long ago configured this service to mention their name on the Internet, and as soon as a search engine meets a new mention, it immediately notifies this designer by mail or in any other way. I will try to customize it for myself and wait for the results.

As always, the book can be bought on Ozon or in any other offline stores (the cost is about 550 rubles).

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