7 books on sketching and sketching


7 books on sketching and sketching

Sketching is a way to visualize your thought processes in tight timelines and expressive visuals.

It is no secret that this is one of the important stages in the work of designers, illustrators, architects and other representatives of creative professions.

This selection of books will help you master sketching.

1. “Sketches and drawing”

Author: Katie Johnson

Do you want to do some quick sketching from life? Or a detailed finished drawing? The book will help, tell and show how such tasks are solved. For a wide range of aspiring artists.

Download the book: link

2. “Creativity for Artists”

Author: Dunn Catherine


A find-book for artists on creating bright creative collages using combined techniques. Very nice illustrations.

Download the book: link

3. “Sketching The Basics”

Author: Roselien steur


The book “Sketching The Basics” was released in 2011 in the wake of the popularity of industrial design as a popular trend among designers. The book explains the basics of industrial design, detailing each step of creating a sketch, which will later be used as the basis for the final rendering.

Download the book: link

4. “Sketching – Drawning techniques for product designers”

The authors: Koos Eissen and Roselien Steur


A handbook for industrial designers, well shown how to work with markers with colored pencils and ballpoint pen.

Download the book: link

5. “Design Sketching”

The authors: Olofsson Erik, Sjolen Klara


Design Sketching is an innovative new sketching technique book that has become a highly regarded resource for designers, students and universities around the world.

Download the book: link

6. “Sketchbook – Conceptual Drawings of the World’s Most Influential Designers”

Author: Timothy O’Donnell


Admit it, how many times have you wanted to sneak into the brain of some outstanding designer to understand how he manages to come up with such talented things! Now there is such an opportunity, because before you is a study of sketches and sketches embodied in a finished product, belonging to the most influential representatives of world design.

Download the book: link

7. “Visual notes. Illustrated Guide to Sketching “

Author: Mike Rhodey


A book for everyone who is able to scribble with a pen on paper. It reveals the very essence of sketches – putting important ideas on paper, and not at all in the ability to draw well.

Download the book: link

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