15 lectures on branding and identity


15 lectures on branding and identity

A selection of useful lectures for logo and corporate identity designers.

From these lectures, you will learn about the various approaches that are used in Russian and foreign studios to the process of logo design and corporate identity development.

Mikhail Shishkin – branding. How do we do it

Open lecture on identity and branding

Dmitry Peryshkov – how Doshirak differs from Gazprom

Alik Krinitsky – how to create a clear logo that matches the brand

Egor Myznik – crisis design of corporate identity


Re: Store Academy lectures on branding

All branding in one flipchart

Tatyana Oleshkevich – why successful products are invented by those who travel and have sex

Andrey Kozhanov – brand design algorithm

Andrew Stanton – Ways to Create a Great Story

Chimamanda Adichie – the danger of a single story

Karen Thompson Walker – What Fear Teaches Us

Joe Sabia – storytelling technology

J.J. Abrams – a box with a secret

Grigory Khrabrov and Ekaterina Korsunova – Branding: Creativity or Technology?

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