56 designer proverbs and sayings


56 designer proverbs and sayings

In design, as in any profession, proverbs and sayings always appear, very often based on real events.

We invite you to study 56 proverbs that were created by creative personalities over a long period of time as designers.


1. What is the brief – so is the creative
2. What is the budget – this is the plot
3. Without a clear TK – the result is HZ
4. What is good for a Russian – they did it in Europe 10 years ago
5. A bad advertiser who does not dream of becoming a client
6. An important call from a client comes during lunch
7. Found a scythe for an unmotivated refusal
8. Where the brief was born, it came in handy for the toilet.
9. Be afraid of a creative client as a negative person
10. It’s good to visit – and at home to write estimates, draw up contracts
11. Do you like to play with fonts – love and feed the designer
12. Do not boast too much without approving the color proof
13. Seven times to the press, one to outdoor
14. The chief accountant is not Timoshka – he cuts a little in design
15. No matter how many copywriters look at the brief, they still write drug addict heresy
16. Copywriter fights before deadline – wife grieves
17. For whom that hurts – that and the slogan about the same
18. No matter how much you give to the proofreader, the layout designer will still screw up
19. You can’t write before the deadline.
20. Editing for no reason is a sign of foolishness.
21. Man is a friend to man, and zombie zombies are zombies
22. Man to man – client
23. The eyes are afraid, but the hands are out of the ass …
24. And I am not me, and the target audience is not mine.
25. Every cricket – know your positioning
26. Comment on your own so that strangers are afraid
(proverb of account managers)
27. If you love medoc – love and urgency rate
28. Small budget, but expensive
29. Friendship is friendship – and man-hours are man-hours
30. From good to good is a tautology
31. Soon the tale is told, but not soon the korel is done
32. A woman with a cart – it is easier on layout
33. Wolves in SMIK and sheep in a layer
34. Large ship – large color separation
35. In the garden psd, and in Kiev jpeg
36. You can’t catch a font without a font, and layouts are not a fig
37. The Gates family has its black sheep
38. In cramped quarters, but not in the archive
39. Check seven times, and eps once
40. The eyes are scary, but even worse in Corel
41. Rasters are found in a still water
42. Trust in Korel, but do not make a mistake
43. They don’t go to someone else’s ST.Art with their panton
44. EPS – the head of everything
45. Learning is color, and ignorance is RGB
46. ​​In a hurry, you will laugh at the proofreader
47. At the feet pravdy.net
48. Debt pantone is red
49. You can see the falcon along the contour, and the young man in dpi
50. Wakom and labor will grind everything
51. Clothes do not paint a person, but adobe deeds
52. Take care of your pantones again, and vakom from your youth
53. Clipart in the field is not a warrior
54. Business – time, design – hour
55. Do not put off on a flash drive what can be recorded on a DVD
56. Finished the case – in curves boldly

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