5 lectures from BHSAD for a designer


5 lectures from BHSAD for a designer

For your attention four lectures and one interview from the British Higher School of Art and Design.

Famous designers and art directors, within the framework of various educational programs, share their experiences and provide useful information for practicing designers.

Iskander Mukhamadeev: “Typography in the urban environment”

Iskander Mukhamadeev, the leading designer of the Art. Lebedev Studio, explained in his speech what the design code of Moscow is, how it was created and what criteria the design code of cities should meet.

Victor Melamed, “Synesthesia in illustration”

The lecture will talk about what synesthesia is, and how this phenomenon can be used by an illustrator, and about the most interesting artists who consciously create synesthetic effects in their works.

Artemy Lebedev “How to set a goal and achieve a result”

Artemy Lebedev gives simple advice on how not to be afraid to make decisions and start changing your life right now, without looking back at the circumstances, criticism of loved ones and the pressure of society.

Irina Troitskaya, Buried Jewels

An illustrator and teacher at the British Higher School of Art and Design talks about the genetics of a modern illustrator, the undeservedly forgotten heritage of great Russian authors of the 20th century, their work with folk art, the possibility and importance of using folklore material in modern illustration.

Galina Solodovnikova, “What is the role of an artist in contemporary theater?”

The Curator of the Theater Design program asks representatives of various creative professions about the role of the artist in the theater.

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