36 lessons for beginners in Figma


Object manipulation

Frame & Slice tool

Vector objects

Working with curves and pen

Layers and masks



Grids and guides




Alignment and smart selection


Integration and export

Interface overview: account, version history, layout multiview

Overview of menus and preferences

Tools and calculator

Layers panel and bulk

Modular grid in Figma

Figma constraints

Figma Components # 1 – Simple Examples. When to use?

Components in Figma # 2 – Complex examples. We break it, crutch 🙂

Components in Figma # 3 – Castling

Figma Components # 4 – Icons and Responsiveness

Figma Components # 5 – Adaptive via Duplicate Layout

Alignment in Figma, Tidy Up, packaging and distribution

Text in Figma

Color, gradients, images in Figma

Stroke and Effects: Shadows, Blurs, Borders in Figma

Team library of components in Figma

Figma prototypes and smart animations

Code panel and export

Link to the project in Figma (share Figma)

How to install, enable plugins in Figma | ? Plugins

Auto Layout in Figma ? (stacks in Figma)

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