30 lectures for creators from re: Store academy


30 lectures for creators from re: Store academy

The re: Store Academy is an educational institution that brings together creative personalities from all fields, from professional illustrators to video designers.

This collection contains the most interesting and informative lectures for illustrators, photographers, video designers, type designers and, of course, graphic designers.

By the way, lectures at the academy are held very often and not only in Moscow. You can sign up for the following lectures on the website.

Phil Dunsky: The Art of Digital Illustration

Asya Aleksandrova: mind mapping of the illustrator

Alexander Ambalov: working with facial expressions in a non-professional model

Sophia Miroedova: illustration in Procreate

Alexander Medvedev: commercial photography

Konstantin Chubakov: sound design

Victor Isamukhamedov: Final Cut Pro X in a professional environment

Alexander Grigoriev: how to come up with an illustration plot and find your own style

Daniil Fimushkin: creating a video blog on YouTube video hosting

Vasily Yukhnev: Travel photography through the eyes of Geometria

Ksenia Khrabrykh: interactive art and digital installations

Vitaly Akimov: creation of media projects

Alice Grace: The Basics of Commercial Illustration


Nikolay Britvin: making music in Logic Pro X

Vladimir Minkin: development of programs for interactive shows and games

Mikhail Ryzhov: mobile photography

Recording a live broadcast from 11/27/2015: how to draw in Photoshop from a photograph


Tatiana Dmitrieva: digital painting in Adobe Photoshop

Mikhail Shishkin: branding for business from the creator of SHISHKI

Alexey Kostromin: photography for glossy magazines

Anton Yulikov: destination wedding and travel photography

Zoya Skobeltsyna: promotion of musical projects

Alexander Grigoriev: an impromptu performance | universal sources of inspiration for artists

Sergey Sarakhanov: the evolution of mobile photography

Jovanny Lemonad: digital font and its creation

Ekaterina Pavlova: promotion of musical projects

Yulia Logvinenko: fashion illustration and fashion design

Phil Dunsky: Create a Drawing on iPad and iPad Pro

Sergey Sarakhanov: mobile photography

Vladimir Beroev: chips of great advertising for photographers

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