25 films about world architecture, art and design


25 films about world architecture, art and design

A selection of documentaries and lectures that tell about the formation of world institutions of architecture, design and art.

The films presented in our selection focus on specific periods, movements or artists.

We recommend all films, without exception, for viewing to students of art universities, as well as those who are not indifferent to art.

The cycle of films “History of Art in Three Colors”

Filmmaker Matt Hill and art critic Dr. James Fox tells the story of art through the lens of color. Each episode appears in a different color: gold (episode 1), blue (episode 2) and white (episode 3).

BBC | History of Art in Three Colors – GOLD

BBC | History of Art in Three Colors – BLUE

BBC A History Of Art In Three Colors: White

5 lectures by Andrey Sarabyanov

Five lectures by Andrey Sarabyanov on how the new Russian art of the 20th century began and the people who made it.

Forward detachment

Two avant-garde capitals

Alogism and nonsense

The birth and death of Suprematism

Abstract and non-objective

Secrets of world architecture. Alchemy of Paris

“School of Athens” Documentary Cognitive Cycle

From the point of view of philosophy, this is a consistent story about how Stoicism entered Christianity. From the point of view of the role of personality – the dramas of the fate of the great sages. Realizing all the greatness and height of Greek culture, the Romans of that time were not afraid to be second, made Greek thought universal and spread it to the whole world.







Blessed Augustin

Marcus Aurelius

Masterpieces of world architecture

Historian and scientist Dan Krikshank invites viewers to make a fascinating and informative voyage through the most famous architectural monuments that have had a huge impact on the history of mankind, delighted us and changed our perception of the world.

Series 1: Beauty / Beauty

Viewers will get acquainted with the Indian Temple of the Sun in Konarak, a visit to the Gothic Albi Cathedral in France, a tour of the large Catherine Palace in Russia and a story about Inuit culture.

Episode 2: Death

This series tells about the darkest mystical places on the planet: the church of human bones in Bohemia, the tomb of the Egyptian queen, the ancient cemetery in Genoa, the ruins of the Mayan city in Guatemala and the sacred city of Varanasi in India, where people come to die.

Episode 3: Paradise

In search of an earthly paradise, Dan will visit the world’s oldest Christian monastery; one of the most sacred places in China, where the Hanging Temple is located; a tiny island in northwestern Russia – Kizhi and the largest Hindu temple in southern India.

Episode 4: Disasters

Our journey will take you through Dresden with its magnificent 18th century architecture; Syria, where one of the greatest cities in the world, Palmyra, once stood; one of the most beautiful cities in America – San Francisco; Afghan Jam minaret is a real architectural masterpiece of the Islamic world.

Series 5: Connections

Viewers will travel to one of the oldest cities in the center of the Middle East, Damascus, a tour of the city of skyscrapers in New York, a visit to one of the most daring architectural structures in Brazil and the Dharavi district in Mumbai.

Episode 6: Power

In this series, you will find a story about the sacred land for Jews, Christians and Muslims on the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, a visit to Bucharest in Romania and New Orleans in the USA, a visit to the Sultan’s harem in Turkey.

Episode 7: Dreams

We are waiting for a fascinating excursion across Yemen, some buildings of which anticipated new trends in architecture; a visit to the Dominican Republic and a story about the history of architecture in Philadelphia. In addition, we will visit the Kingdom of Bhutan, hidden in the Himalayas, where people tried to preserve the past at the expense of soulless demands for modernization.

Episode 8: Pleasure

In this episode, we will try to see how people enjoy architecture: visit the luxurious Taj Hotel in Mumbai; the extravagant Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria; the famous Teatro Amazonas in Brazil and the exquisite example of the work of Andrea Palladio in Italy – Villa Barbaro.

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