200 lessons and lectures for designers


200 lessons and lectures for designers

A large selection of useful videos for designers, published on the Infogra.ru website recently: presentations from well-known professionals in the field of design, as well as lessons on mastering the most important disciplines for a designer.

All videos are divided into categories: design, typography, calligraphy and lettering and working with color.

The videos will be useful for viewing for all designers: both beginners and those already practicing work in the creative field.



22 lectures for designers from the art directors of the Lebedev studio

19 documentaries for designers

11 lectures from Lebedev studio for designers

7 lectures on design from Maxim Rosenfeld

14 Lectures for Designers with Dribbble Meetup 2015

5 lectures from BHSAD for a designer

10 Lectures for Designers from the Prosmotr Design Forum 2014

21 lectures from Dmitry Karpov for designers

34 best lectures for designers


Painted Lampas – Calligraphy as an image

10 lectures for learning typography

8 lectures on typography from Yuri Gordon

Type Nights: 16 Lectures on Typography and Type at the TypeType School

7 lectures for learning typography

Beginner’s Course in Typography

Calligraphy and lettering

8 Skillshare Courses to Master Lettering and Typography

19 calligraphy lessons from Veiko Kespersaks

44 lessons and workshops in calligraphy and lettering

Anatomy of a font

Working with color

Color Combination Course

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