How to develop your own illustration style


How to develop your own illustration style

How to develop your own unique drawing style? This question is usually asked by those who have done little practice. For those who have practiced a lot, the style has developed on its own. However, here is the answer 🙂

But you can describe in more detail – 5 tips on how to approach the creation of illustrations in order to determine your own style and consolidate it.

Decide what you will paint

People, animals, imaginary creatures? Choose a direction: manga, realism, vector, etc.


Take a closer look at your favorite artists

Catch inspiration and try to copy their style in a couple of sketches. If you like the way someone draws eyes, then there is nothing wrong with drawing the eyes the same way.

Just don’t copy someone else’s style entirely. These people have worked hard to develop their own style, so you should work hard. You shouldn’t plagiarize.


In practice, perfection is born!

It’s tiring, but it takes practice to become a good artist. Your machine drawing will give you the impetus to develop your own great style.


Create your own characters

This will help you. Make them as unique as possible, you don’t have to copy famous artists. Start drawing them often and perhaps you will develop a new style. Another way to practice drawing is to draw yourself. Most people see themselves as they want to appear. Those. if they imagine themselves to be pretty, they can slightly enlarge their eyes; if they consider themselves fat, they can draw themselves higher. Try to draw yourself in your own vision and then develop your own style from that.


Pay attention to the structure

Use simple shapes like circles and squares when sketching. Learn a little more about human / animal anatomy to make your task easier. It is a good idea to have a book on academic construction or take courses.

The most important thing is not to get tired of exercising and believe in yourself.

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