18 best web design books for the beginner


18 best web design books for the beginner

Practicing designer Aleksey Zakharenko has compiled a list of the best books on web design that you should read to stay on top and become a good web designer.

Almost all I have either read, or am reading now, or bought and they are waiting for their turn. I will not advise anything that I have not read or do not consider useful.

So let’s go!


Basics of web design

  • “Web design”. (Jacob Nielsen)
  • “Web design”. (Dmitry Kirsanov)
  • “Don’t Make Me Think” (Steve Krug)


  • How to Make Your Website User Friendly (Steve Krug)
  • “Web-design. Usability of Websites ”(Jacob Nielsen)
  • 100 Design Principles (Susan Waynshank)


  • “Live typography” (Alexandra Korolkova)
  • “New typography. A Guide for the Modern Designer “(Jan Tschichold)


  • The Art of Color (Johannes Itten)


  • “Interface. Interaction Design Basics “(Alan Cooper, Robert M. Reimann, David Cronin, Christopher Nossel)
  • Emotional Web Design (Aaron Walter)

Adaptive design

  • “Adaptive design. We make websites for any device “(Tim Kedlek)
  • Responsive Web Design (Ethan Marcotte)

Portfolio and earnings from web design

  • Design Thinking: From New Product Development to Business Model Design (Tim Brown)
  • Steal Like an Artist 10 Lessons on Creative Expression (Cleon Austin)
  • Show your work (Cleon Austin)

For general development

  • Manpower (Artemy Lebedev)
  • Diary of a Maniac Designer (Iana Frank)

By the way, the author also collected all the books in one archive, which can be downloaded from the source.

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