10 movies every designer should * watch

Don’t wait for a movie about Helvetica or dull documentaries from Netflix. Everything is clear with them, I want to tell you about films that give me cosmic pleasure from watching as a designer, inspire and show how to work.

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Everything you’ve seen about cyberpunk is based on The Runner: all these Asian cities with neon signs and rain, flying cars, corporations in skyscrapers, everything. Before the premiere in 1982, there was nothing like that in the cinema. This is how you set trends: so that after 40 years the film is still breathtaking and inspiring.

? Why watch: a team of designers, operators and artists created a style that is still inspired today (see Cyberpunk 2077). There is also a mesmerizing light in the film.

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An hour and a half of visual bliss. Silent cutting of people, their activities and nature. Deserts, art, mountains, traffic, dance, architecture, production, consumption, everything moves in the same rhythm of samsara. The image replaces thousands of words, and the idea is revealed through editing.

? Why watch: to understand what composition, metaphor and rhythm are

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Neil Blomkamp’s debut and triumph. The film combines satire, sci-fi, African game and an obsession with design. In an interview with Discover, the director noted that his favorite thing about cinema is design. Indeed, the attention to detail, the scrupulousness with which weapons, cars, interiors, robots, and spaceships are made are striking. It looks especially cool in an emphatically unfinished picture, stylized as a documentary film.

? Why watch: deeply thoughtful design of everything, talented stylization

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Luc Besson’s best film and one of the best films ever. In general, I do not like French cinema, but it is impossible not to fall in love with The Fifth Element. The grotesque world of the future, characters with madness, a delightful soundtrack, Besson’s action and these French jokes have very successfully come together in it. In contrast to the “District” everything here is emphatically unreal, bright, but no less delightful.

? Why watch: bold and charming design of everything

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Ilya Naishuller’s first-person action movie. The film has no plot, no acting, no dialogue, no drama, no idea. But it is saturated with fights, tricks and energy. During my school years, we shot a short film in the first person with my friends. I think many people thought about something similar, but only Naishuller did it so beautifully, professionally, on a large scale.

? Why watch: to understand how to bring the technique to the absolute and make it interesting without the plot, actors and budget

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Here, the opposite is true: no tricks and fights, only conversations and attempts to understand. Everything happens in one location, between several people. The film is based on idea, acting and minimalism piercing with its style.

? Why watch: maximum effect with minimal means.


A four-part documentary about how all creativity is based on other creativity. The author literally shows who borrowed from whom and how much the result differs from the source. It soothes well about the secondary nature of what you are doing.

? Why watch: to understand that everything has already been invented before us, but this is not scary, the main thing is not to copy it blindly.

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Sci-fi anthology television series about the impact of technology on our lives. This series has very cool interfaces and gadgets. Everything is thought out, everything is with love, from that you believe more than if the screen had a classic mishmash of monochrome glowing rulers and circles. If there was an on-screen UX / UI award, this series would have won a grand prize.

? Why watch: detailed interfaces and gadgets

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I do not know yet domestic films of recent years, where everything would be good: actors, characters, dialogues, music, plot, humor, camera work, editing, composition. Even the credits are made from the heart.

? Why watch: to understand that we also know how in cinema, well, compositionally, the film is good

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Each film by Cronenberg is a revelation, I come to my senses for a long time and something changes inside. In “Existence” the director’s interest in the flesh takes on very peculiar forms.

? Why watch: you won’t see such a design anywhere else.

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