132 Best Design Projects to Study in 2017

132 Best Design Projects to Study in 2017


132 Best Design Projects to Study in 2017

The authors of the Logowiks project have collected a huge selection of thematic sites, which, if not all, then most, you should have in your bookmarks.

The selection includes everything: from VKontakte publics with useful articles to YouTube channels with training videos from practicing designers.

132 Best Design Projects to Study in 2017

In design, as in many spheres of activity, the desire for self-development has an important role. There are no limits to perfection, but you can get closer to the ideal if you constantly get better. It is extremely important to get first-hand information from a person who has achieved a lot in this area, because the advice of professionals is based on practical experience.

We have selected the most useful sites, channels, blogs and communities that will help a designer gain invaluable experience and become a better professional.

Design Blogs


Many designers run blogs at their leisure to share their views, which can be useful to both beginners and professionals. The best of them are in our top.

Infogra.ru is a site for practicing and novice designers. The site contains design tutorials, book reviews, and lots of quality material: free fonts, UI kits, and useful design tools.

Awdee.ru is a blog for graphic designers. Lots of articles about logos, fonts, book reviews and services for designers.

Say-hi.me is a modern online publication about creativity for creative people. Site materials contain information about all types of arts: lectures, master classes, tips on productivity and organization of the creative process.

Logowiks.com – the site contains everything you need to create a logo: tips and instructions, services, videos, free fonts. Our blog 🙂

Beloweb.ru is a blog about web design. In addition to tutorials and articles, you can also download many free WordPress templates, find many different tricks that are created using CSS and jQuery.

Designpub.ru – talk about design and everything related to it.

Designonstop.com is one of the oldest design sites out there. Lots of articles about web design, art, blogging and freelancing. Also on the site there are interesting interviews with people who have already reached certain heights.

Artgorbunov.ru/bb/soviet/ – site of the Artyom Gorbunov design bureau. The “Tips” rubric is a source of practical knowledge. Anyone can ask their question and get an answer from experts.

Dejurka.ru – information portal about website creation. Here you will find dozens of useful articles and collections for designers and programmers.

Prodesign.in.ua is a Ukrainian site dedicated to such topics as web interfaces, fonts, and corporate identity. There are many interesting podcasts and interviews, book reviews and tools.

Onjee.ru has one single goal: to help novice web designers understand the intricacies of this interesting profession. Here you will not find boring SEO texts and the cherished BABLO button. But on the other hand, you can find out useful and relevant information from the world of web design. Prototyping, rendering, and free PSDs are the main content of this blog.

Blog.pioneers.com.ua – blog of the Pioneer design studio. Councils for the creation of sites, logos, corporate styles.

Mannodesign.com – Nastya Manno’s blog dedicated to web design. The site contains interesting findings in the field of modern web design: assimilation from various foreign sources dedicated to web design, translations of articles from foreign blogs, Photoshop tutorials on web design, a selection of beautiful Cyrillic fonts and much more.

Templatemonsterblog.ru/category/design – TemplateMonster’s blog dedicated to design and CMS. Here you can find interesting selections, as well as opinions on certain events in the world of design.

Blog.shaihalov.ru – A blog about UX, interfaces and product design. The site contains interesting cases and informative digests.

Tilda Education is a web design and online journalism knowledge library. A textbook of a new format, in which the knowledge and experience accumulated over 15 years of work on the web are systematized and packaged in materials written in simple language. All content is original and updated.

Blog Invision – write about how to achieve efficiency in projects when collaboration of different specialists is required. Actually, their entire product is built on this principle.

Vc.ru – Despite the fact that vc.ru writes mainly about startups, growing businesses, etc.,
I often come across interesting articles about logos, redesign, web design, and various cases.

Spark.ru is a small business communication platform. Russian technological projects gather here in order to tell about themselves, answer questions, etc. The site contains many companies that write about design.

Deadsign – Articles for beginners and non-English speakers. The guys translate the best materials from English-language blogs.

Font magazine is the head of everything, so I often read it. Most of all I love book reviews and interviews with masters of their craft.

Design websites in English


behance.net is a site that brings together a portfolio of artists, designers and artists from all over the world.

dribbble.com is a site where every designer can find inspiration and new ideas

awwwards.com – A selection of the world’s best sites.

abduzeedo.com is a great site about logos and design in general.

vandelaydesign.com – A collection of very good media articles for web designers.

youthedesigner.com – This site is full of various graphic design articles.

designyoutrust.com is a daily design magazine featuring new design trends, news and events from around the world.

creativebloq.com is a great blog for designers with the latest news, interviews from all over the world.

smashingmagazine.com – Here you can find information on everything a beginner developer and a design professional need.

speckyboy.com – Check out web design trends, cool tools, and web design.

www.webdesignerdepot.com Has 1.5 million views every month and is the perfect showcase for savvy web designers. Here you will find articles on various hot topics such as jQuery, HTML 5, CSS3, responsive design, typography, usability and more!

designyoutrust.com is a blog that has a large collection of inspirational materials on design, illustration, web design, photography, advertising, video and more. Here you can hang for a long time, do not miss this site. There are also free materials on the blog.

designmodo.com is a great blog where you can explore a lot of information about: web and graphic design, programming, WordPress, photography, business, social media and of course, get inspired.

webdesignledger.com – Many different guest contributors – lots of fresh views and opinions! Here you can read about 15 quality articles about web design, get the necessary knowledge, advice and tutorials.

sixrevisions.com – on this site you can get information about programming, participate in contests, download free materials, and find articles on new trends. SixRevisions Receives Over 1.5 Million Unique Visitors Every Month!

hongkiat.com/blog/ – The site is very popular and receives 6.5 million page views per month. Crazy numbers, but on the other hand, they published 66 articles in the last month alone. In the blog, you can get inspired and get new ideas.

ilovetypography.com – the name speaks for itself.

slanted.de is a large German typography site. Lots of theory, examples and useful advice.

psd.tutsplus.com is a site with very good step-by-step web design tutorials for both beginners and professionals.

YouTube channels about design (RU)


There are a lot of thematic video blogs on YouTube nowadays, interesting channels about design can also be found here. Tutorials, program reviews and copyright videos – there is plenty of useful content. Here are some of the channels you might find useful.

Roman Voronin’s Channel – Roman Voronin’s channel about web design, logos, tools for designers.

Marie Smith / Marina Kuznetsova – Here you will find a video about web design, about the life and work of Marina herself. The videos will be interesting for designers and freelancers.

WebDesign Master – Video tutorials on web design and website development. Very interesting and informative.

Design_TV – Channel about graphic design and vector graphics. Video tutorials and tutorials on CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Lessons on illustration, creation of characters, icons and logos. Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Danil Fimushkin – The channel contains lessons on web design, Photoshop, WordPress, Muse, Edge, a little lifestyle, interviews with designers and businessmen.

Grigory Vyatkin – Grigory creates a video about the kitchen of digital illustration, simple tutorials on drawing in Photoshop, aesthetic analytics for the work of subscribers and everything related to creativity.

DesignProsmotr – Graphic Design. Lectures, master classes and intensives.

Loftblog – LoftBlog has many helpful video tutorials on design, technology, website building, and more. The channel will be useful for both programmers and designers.

School of Web Design by Maxim Soldatkin – The channel contains a course of video tutorials for beginners on how to quickly master the profession of a web designer.

WebDesign Guru – This video blog provides a lot of useful information about design, creating selling pages and online stores. The channel also has Photoshop lessons, the target audience is mainly beginner designers.

VKontakte groups about design


Well, what about without the main social network in the CIS? There are a great many Vkontakte communities about design, you can find useful tips on creating a logo or choosing fonts, books and training materials. You can split them into several groups at once, depending on the topic.


Intelligent design

Abandoned but interesting publics

Logos. Design. logo design
How to Create a Professional Logo Book
Logo | Corporate identity | Identity | Design

Behance & Dribbble

Behance portfolio
Bēhance Russia
Behance Russia

Dribbble. Design
Dribbble Russia

Videos, lectures, master classes, interviews

Video library
Design Prosmotr
Design-StandUp OnLive

Artemy Lebedev | Video archive
SpeedArt | Carrot video


Awdee. Graphic design
Design academy
I Am Designer
Infogra.ru – Best for a designer
Say-Hai | Creation
Graphic design
Design (ex-ALL ABOUT)
Losko Magazine
Epic Design | Design
[кАк)проект / Журнал КАК
Студия «Логологика»
Design Direction
Made it. Лучший дизайн
Graphic design
LOPART – блог о веб-дизайне
Мастерская веб-дизайна
DizAir: школа графического дизайна
Сочно о дизайне
Academic Design
Графический дизайн
Дежурка — Дизайн журнал №1
Design Forum

Паблики / Новые

Design Post


Книги для дизайнеров
Intelligent books

Типографика, леттеринг, каллиграфия

I love typography
Los Letters Typography
Letters art | мода на буквы
Советский Леттеринг

Постеры, журналы, плакаты

Magazine Design
Posterino — искусство плаката
Motivate Me
CROCUS posters


Бесплатные шрифты
Лучшие кириллические шрифты
Кириллизация рукописных шрифтов
Новые шрифты
Fonts / Шрифты
Font Face
BaseFonts. Отборные кириллические шрифтыТипография


web tools
Best Bucket | Design
Flat Design’PSD
Flat Design
Дон Дизайн

Софт, уроки

Photoshop + Творчество — Фотошоп
Adobe Illustrator (векторная графика)
Photoshop + Фотография
Adobe Photoshop от А до Я
Уроки по Фотошопу / Photoshop Lessons
Adobe Illustrator

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